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Author's Corner

The Contract series

The Contract series is a collection of books that teach fundamental life lessons influenced by the core values of Derek Jeter and his Turn 2 Foundation. Inspired by the childhood of Derek Jeter, this series is about setting your goals high to achieve your dreams.

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Derek Jeter's Ultimate Baseball Guide 2015

Derek Jeter's Ultimate Baseball Guide 2015 is jam-packed with facts about each of the 30 Major League teams. Brief team histories are peppered with Jeter's handwritten notes and interwoven with cool trivia, covering everything from the sport's start and the original Knickerbocker Rules to baseball's weirdest superstitions.

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Jeter Unfiltered

Derek Jeter's 20th and final season in Major League Baseball truly marked the end of a sports era. Jeter Unfiltered is a powerful collection of never-before-published images taken over the course of Derek's final season. For the first time ever, fans will have unprecedented access to "The Captain," as Derek takes us behind the scenes -- inside his home, at the stadium, working out, at his Turn 2 Foundation events and more -- as he looks back with candor and gratitude on his baseball career. The result is an intimate portrait bursting with personality, professionalism and pride.

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Derek Jeter's You're a Star!

32 pages

Derek and a shy star take a magical trip through New York City. By using his 10 Life Lessons, Derek, with the help of some special friends, demonstrates how each one of us can shine brightly and attain greatness. This hardcover book is sure to delight children and adults as well! Derek Jeter's You're a Star is also available in Spanish.

Derek Jeter's All-Star Manual

10 Life Lessons
32 pages

This spiral-bound book designed for teens encourages the reader to create lists that will help them achieve their own dreams. The book was published in conjunction with the Partnership for a Drug-Free America and Major League Baseball. Derek Jeter's All-Star Manual is also available in Spanish.

You're A Star and the All-Star Manual are available to organizations and individuals promoting healthy lifestyles among youth. Please contact the Turn 2 Foundation for further information at 212-475-2339.

The Life You Imagine

Derek Jeter -

280 pages
Three Rivers Press, New York
ISBN 0-609-80718-8

The Life You Imagine is an intimate look into the life of a superstar athlete -- including the remarkable relationship he has with his family, what it's like to play with the Yankees and how he's used his baseball celebrity to found the Turn 2 Foundation, which promotes healthy lifestyles for youth. A New York Times bestseller, The Life You Imagine is available in hardcover and paperback at your local book store.

Game Day

110 pages
Three Rivers Press, New York
ISBN 0-609-80794-3

Game Day goes beyond the roped-off sections of the stadiums and gives fans a "picture-perfect" view of what it's like to be baseball's most popular rising star. Follow Derek behind the scenes -- on and off the field -- in Tampa and New York City. Game Day is available in paperback at your local book store.

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