• Twins players are dedicating this week to giving back to their community. In celebration of Twins Hope Week, Justin Morneau hosted his annual Casino Night to benefit the Arthritis Foundation (TwinsBaseball.com), and Michael Cuddyer led his Twins teammates in a pros vs. kids wiffle-ball game with youth from the North Side Boys & Girls Club (TwinsBaseball.com). On Wednesday, the team will surprise military veterans with a visit to a Twin Cities VA hospital. (TwinsBaseball.com)

• Joba Chamberlain shared a secret handshake and a playful day of putt-putt with his son, Karter. "It's awesome [being a dad]... He runs and he gives me a hug, but then sometimes he reminds me that I can't throw my fastball for a strike or something like that, so he's wise beyond his years," laughed Joba. "I guess the competitive edge doesn't fall too far from the tree." (Yankees.com)

• In Tuesday night's action, Justin Verlander made a close bid for his second no-hitter of the season (MLB.com), and Adam Lind walked off in extras for the Blue Jays (MLB.com). Ryan Ludwick added some style points to his diving catch (MLB.com), and Shin-Soo Choo was robbed of a home run by Austin Jackson. (MLB.com)

• Bill Hall gave the inside story of the Brewers' most memorable walk-off antics, including the famous 2009 "bowling-pin" celebration after a game-winning home run by Prince Fielder. (San Francisco Chronicle)

• Want to eat like the Reds' human highlight reel Brandon Phillips? Start off with a breakfast of champions at Roscoe's in L.A. (Twitter), stop by Johnny's Pastrami for a quick lunch (Twitter) and snack on a Krispy Kreme doughnut (Twitter). Then roll through In-N-Out Burger for an animal-style double-double with cheese and fries (Twitter: 1 / 2) and finish the night with some ice cream-topped chocolate chip pancakes.

• Computer freezing up lately? You need a reboot from 'Tek Support! Jason Vari-'Tek Support, that is. (MLB FanCave)

• Red Sox stars Carl Crawford (Twitter) and Jacoby Ellsbury (Twitter) tweeted a little crosstown support for the Bruins, who will be taking on the Canucks in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals Wednesday night, and the Rangers' C.J. Wilson showed some Lone Star love for the Mavericks' NBA title. (Twitter)

Tweet of the Day: "Good afternoon... Bout 2 hit up Rodeo Dr. 2 get my shop on hopefully people won't give me the same treatment they gave Ms. Vivian Ward! LOL" -- Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips (@DatDudeBP)

Quote of the Day: "I couldn't ask for a better night to get a win. It was cool. I got a lot of support from back home. My parents were here. My girlfriend was here. My girlfriend's whole family. There were a lot of people here. That's how my hometown is." -- Royals pitcher Danny Duffy who earned his first Major League victory in his home state of California in front of more than 100 family and friends (MLB.com). It was a perfect early Father's Day gift for his dad, who recalled taking father-son trips to Dodger Stadium and admitted that he shed a tear listening to the applause as he watched his son warm up from the second row. (MLB.com)