Here are some of the notable quotes from around Major League Baseball this week:

"The guy's a Gold Glover over there at third -- excellent third baseman. I have no doubt in my mind that he will make the transition seem easy. You're a good defender at a corner position, I think you can be a good defender at any corner position."

- Chipper Jones on Braves newcomer Troy Glaus making the transition across the diamond to be a first baseman. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

"Thanks to Manny, I had to take a night job."

- Los Angeles real estate developer Steve Soboroff on the impact of matching the dollar value of Manny Ramirez and his contribution to Mattel's Children's Hospital. Ramirez pledged to give a certain amount to the charity for each hit, home run and RBI and so far has donated more than $36,000 to the cancer ward. (Los Angeles Times)

"I think it's a good statement as to what we think of J.T. personally and professionally. J.T. was one of our most popular players and certainly one of our most professional."

- Giants general manager Brian Sabean on the team signing J.T. Snow to a one-day contract so he could retire as a member of the Giants. (San Francisco Chronicle)

"I would hope the younger players would use a player like me as a source of knowledge. I wouldn't necessarily want to teach young kids to be just like me, but over the last 10 years I've taken in a lot of knowledge that I'd like to give back to young players."

- John McDonald, a 10-year Major League veteran, talking about the youth of the Blue Jays and how he hopes to be able to give advice to the young players on the team. (Toronto Sun)

"Once I'm here, I'm back at the bottom. I have to work my way back up. It doesn't matter here [where you're drafted]. I'm just going to learn and take everything in and learn from these veterans that have been here."

- Milwaukee pitcher Eric Arnett talking about adjusting to life in Major League camp after being the team's first-round pick in last year's draft. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

"I'm right on schedule. I'm not ahead of schedule because I don't feel like my knee right now is too stable. I wish I could run, but right now I don't feel like that. I feel like, if I run, something wrong is going to happen, because the quad is not stable, the hamstrings are not stable. Once I strengthen those areas, I think everything else is going to fall in place, and it's going to be feeling good.

"The doctor said to me when he went inside, he said actually that he couldn't believe how I was playing with so many little pieces floating around the knee. When he cleaned those out, he said, 'You're going to feel 100 percent the day after I do the surgery.' And actually that's how I felt. When they did the surgery, the day after I was riding the bike. No pain. Moving the knee. Bending the knee. No pain."

- Carlos Beltran, commenting on his health six weeks after having surgery on his right knee to clean out debris. (New York Daily News)

"I get in my own way because I want to win so bad, because I want to be part of the team that makes this team a winner. I want it so bad that sometimes I try to do too much on the field, and you can't do that. It just doesn't work. You just have to do what you do every day."

- Ian Kinsler talking about how the expectations he places on himself. (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

"That's a big mark for a young pitcher. It means you're not missing starts and you're going deep into games."

- Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez on pitcher Ricky Nolasco becoming the 11th pitcher in franchise history to top 200 innings pitched, a feat he accomplished in 2009. (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

"It's just night and day. I don't have to worry. I can enjoy this. I can work on stuff that I want to work on and not have to go out there and try and demand results. ... This is probably my first real Spring Training, a chance to get ready for the season and not have to worry about anything else. It's no longer on me. Last year, I've got 20 reporters on me, cameras, and I've got no problem with that, but it's not going to be like that [this year]. It's so much easier for me."

- Rays starting pitcher David Price, talking about his approach to Spring Training this year. (Tampa Tribune)

"He's another special talent. How good he is, we don't know yet. We're really trying to find out, and we're going to continue to work very hard at trying to make him aware of how good he is because he's not sure, either."

- Rockies manager Jim Tracy talking about catcher Chris Iannetta. (Denver Post)

"Everybody knows who they are. Everybody knows who the guys are who didn't perform the way they would've liked to last year. You see a difference this year. You see a different attitude. You see it with [Geovany] Soto coming in 40 pounds lighter, all the guys who were here early working out. It's a different attitude. I think we're going to be OK."

- Aramis Ramirez, discussing the changes the 2010 Cubs are making to improve on their 83-win total from 2009. (

"This is fun. This is what it's all about -- the competitive nature. You try to get in here and compete, try to prove to the manager that you should be an everyday player. That's fun for me. My goal is just to play every day. It doesn't matter where. I just want to play every day and be in that lineup."

- Nick Punto on competing for an everyday job with the Twins. (

"I guess I needed a little more time to recover. I'm 32, not 25."

- Jake Westbrook, acknowledging that age plays a part in how long it has taken him to recover from Tommy John surgery that he had more than 20 months ago. (

"I'm trying to come in this year and not worry about what I'm going to do over a whole year. I'm trying to focus on each day and let whatever happens over the year happen. I just need to do things within my ability. ... I'm just trying to get better."

- Ryan Ludwick, on his approach with the Cardinals this season. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

"This job is still fairly new to me. I feel comfortable when I'm out there. It's just evolving into that role when you don't pitch for three or four days. How do you stay sharp? We got tested in that role last year."

- Kerry Wood, who was a starter his first eight seasons, on going into his second season as the Indians' closer. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

"I would love that. I've moved a lot in this game. After this season, and hopefully it's a great season, Detroit will have the first choice [to keep me]."

- Johnny Damon on the possibility of someday retiring as a Tiger. (Detroit News)

"Just the way everybody goes about their business here -- everybody works so hard. I need to do that same stuff, too, if I want to be successful. It's nice to see how everybody goes about their stuff."

- Kansas City pitcher Aaron Crow, who is experiencing his first Major League camp. (Kansas City Star)

"We came up through the ranks together, and we've been through a lot. It does help to get on the same page when you're catching a guy every time. Just because you're with him every inning."

- Jeff Mathis on the success of pitcher Ervin Santana when he catches Santana, who is 13-4 with a 2.98 ERA with Mathis behind the plate. (Los Angeles Times)

"He's phenomenal, absolutely gifted. I think he's extremely deserving -- his numbers speak for themselves."

- Huston Street on the Rookie of the Year candidacy of reliever Joey Devine, who has the lowest single-season ERA of any pitcher in Major League history with 40 or more innings with his 0.60 ERA in 2008. (San Francisco Chronicle)

-- Red Line Editorial