As one of the top performers and personalities in the game, Johnny Damon's baseball cards will certainly will be a collectors' item on baseball cards years from now. He told about his own collecting days:

MLBPLAYERS.COM At what age did you start collecting?

Damon: I probably started collecting cards when I was 6 years old. I actually collected them so much I'd work out some huge trades. I'd give up three cards for one Rickey Henderson rookie card. My parents were nice enough to give me an allowance where I could buy cards. I (would) go around the neighborhood selling cards so I could go out and buy some more.

MLBPLAYERS.COM What cards did you collect?

Damon: It was mostly teams, and it was the Kansas City Royals for me. Being born outside Kansas City (Ft. Riley, Kan.), I had thousands of just the Royals. That was my main collection.

MLBPLAYERS.COM Which was the card you treasured the most?

Damon: The George Brett 1975 rookie card was my big prize. I had Brett from the rookie season until the year he retired, every single year. I haven't had George sign them. I just seem to never have the time or audacity to ask someone. I don't know how fans do it today.

MLBPLAYERS.COM Do you still have the cards?

Damon: They're at home. I'll keep them and pass them down to my son (Jackson).

MLBPLAYERS.COM Where was the first card on which you appeared?

Damon: Coming out of the Gulf Coast League as an 18-year-old (1992). It was an Upper Deck card.

MLBPLAYERS.COM Projecting 10 years from now, which will be a more valuable card — Johnny Damon with hair or without?

Damon: One without. That will go back to the Gulf Coast League when I signed out of high school. Rookie cards always seem to command more money.

— Red Line Editorial