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TODAY'S WRAPS: August 24, 2007
Southpaw awes in Southwest
Hit parade boosts Marshall
Derrek Lee and Mark DeRosa got the offense going with RBIs in the first, and Sean Marshall took the lead and ran with it. Thanks to a sparkling play by Ryan Theriot that saved a run, Marshall limited the D-backs to two hits over six frames for his seventh win.
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 Theriot's dive and throw home
Cubs 6, Diamondbacks 2
Manager Lou Piniella greets Derrek Lee on the dugout steps after Lee scored in the first. (Matt York/AP)
Series at a glance:
D-backs drop opener
Micah Owings continued his power surge, homering in his first at-bat, but the D-backs' offense did little else, as it collected just four hits. Owings yielded three runs on seven hits over six-plus innings in the start, getting tagged with his seventh loss.
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Diamondbacks Coverage
 Theriot's dive and throw home
Chi Cubs (66-61)
Won 1
Chi Cubs 6, Arizona 2   ARI
Arizona (72-57)
Lost 1
August 24, 2007
   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   R   H   E 
Chi Cubs
2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 3   6 14 0
0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1   2 4 0
Standings thru 8/24/07  |  Gameday  |  Cubs Stats  |  Diamondbacks Stats
Theriot, SS4111112.288
Jones, RF5141001.274
Lee, 1B5111006.311
Ramirez, 3B4011014.313
Floyd, LF4010001.288
  Howry, P0000000.000
  Wuertz, P0000000.000
  Dempster, P0000000.000
DeRosa, 2B4131000.295
Kendall, C4120002.246
Pie, CF2100200.214
Marshall, P2000010.074
  a-Ward, PH1000003.318
  Marmol, P0000000.000
  Monroe, LF1010000.224

a-Grounded into a double play for Marshall in the 7th.

2B: Jones (27, Owings), DeRosa (23, Owings), Ramirez (30, Cruz).
TB: Theriot; Jones 5; Lee; Ramirez 2; Floyd; DeRosa 4; Kendall 2; Monroe.
RBI: Lee (66), DeRosa (60), Ramirez (77), Theriot (39), Jones (47).
2-out RBI: DeRosa.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Kendall; Theriot 2; Floyd; Ramirez 2.
SF: Ramirez.
GIDP: Ramirez; Ward; Lee 2.
Team LOB: 7.

Pickoffs: Marshall (Young at 1st base).

Young, CF3000121.235
Hudson, 2B4000020.301
Byrnes, LF3100100.298
Jackson, 1B4020010.279
Snyder, C3011001.255
Reynolds, 3B3000122.268
Upton, RF4000013.209
Drew, SS2000101.231
Owings, P2111010.283
  Cruz, P0000000.000
  a-Clark, PH1000001.231
  Nippert, P0000000.000

a-Popped out for Cruz in the 8th.

2B: Snyder (14, Marshall), Jackson (24, Wuertz).
HR: Owings (4, 3rd inning off Marshall, 0 on, 2 out).
TB: Jackson 3; Snyder 2; Owings 4.
RBI: Owings (12), Snyder (35).
2-out RBI: Owings.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Upton.
SF: Snyder.
Team LOB: 5.

CS: Young (3, 2nd base by Marshall/Kendall).
PO: Young (1st base by Marshall).

DP: 4 (Drew-Hudson-Jackson, Cruz-Snyder-Jackson, Reynolds-Hudson-Jackson, Jackson-Snyder-Jackson).

Marshall (W, 7-6)6.02111514.04
Marmol (H, 12)1.01000101.58
Howry (H, 14)1.00001203.84
Wuertz 0.21112103.75
Dempster (S, 21)0.10000003.24
Owings (L, 6-7)6.07331204.69
Cruz 2.02001102.88
Nippert 1.05331005.86

Owings pitched to 2 batters in the 7th.

WP: Marshall, Nippert.
Pitches-strikes: Marshall 73-46, Marmol 16-10, Howry 23-14, Wuertz 19-9, Dempster 4-3, Owings 95-62, Cruz 32-20, Nippert 24-14.
Ground outs-fly outs: Marshall 4-8, Marmol 0-2, Howry 0-1, Wuertz 0-1, Dempster 0-1, Owings 8-8, Cruz 5-0, Nippert 3-0.
Batters faced: Marshall 20, Marmol 4, Howry 4, Wuertz 5, Dempster 1, Owings 25, Cruz 7, Nippert 8.
Inherited runners-scored: Dempster 2-0, Cruz 2-0.
EjectionsArizona Diamondbacks Manager Bob Melvin ejected by HP umpire Eric Cooper. (7th).
Umpires: HP: Eric Cooper. 1B: Andy Fletcher. 2B: Mike Reilly. 3B: Jeff Kellogg.
Weather: 78 degrees, roof closed.
Wind: 0 mph, None.
T: 3:04.
Att: 36,681.

Box score official statistics approved by Major League Baseball Office of the Commissioner
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