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5/5/2013 4:00 P.M. ET

Sax to return to Dodger Stadium for first time as coach

SAN DIEGO -- D-backs first-base coach Steve Sax was willing to talk about the good memories he has of his time with the Dodgers and how he is looking forward to going to Dodger Stadium on Monday.

However, he wanted to make one thing clear first.

"I'm looking forward to us hopefully beating those guys," Sax said.

Sax was drafted by the Dodgers, and he spent the first eight years of his 14-year career with them. From 1981-88, he was a part of two World Championship teams, won the National League Rookie of the Year Award and appeared in three All-Star Games.

Monday will mark the first time he has returned to Los Angeles as a coach, and from other times he has been there over the years, he knows there will be plenty of familiar faces.

"It's amazing how many guys stay intact," Sax said. "Last time we went to LA, the same guys are doing the escalators, the same guys are doing the elevators, the same people work in the food area. It's funny how that stays the same. I think it's a great park still, and I think it's better now that the amenities have been fixed up and it's been brought up to date. I think it's a great place to watch a game and I have a lot of good memories there."

After he retired following the 1994 season, Sax focused on business endeavors, including doing motivational speaking.

Sax's former teammate with the Dodgers, Kirk Gibson, hired him this winter to replace Eric Young as first-base coach.

Montero studious to improve approach to batters

SAN DIEGO -- During the club's last road trip to San Francisco, catcher Miguel Montero sat by himself in front of the D-backs dugout and watched the Giants take batting practice.

The exercise was not just to kill time or to get some sun. There was a purpose behind it.

"I like to get a look at guys' swings," Montero said. "It might help during the game."

Montero takes the responsibility of calling a game very seriously, so any extra information he can glean about an opposing hitter is welcome.

"It's more for guys I haven't seen much before," Montero said. "The guys we've seen for a long time, we've got a plan for. The other guys, I just like to see what their swing looks like and get a feel for them and how we can maybe get them out."

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