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11/03/11 6:24 PM EST

Hall chats free agency with D-backs' fans

During his November web chat with fans, club president and CEO Derrick Hall answered questions about D-backs' free agents, competition among pitchers this spring and ticket prices for next season. He also thanked fans for their well wishes.

Derrick_Hall: Welcome to today's chat. I am conducting this one from Carefree, Ariz., where our management team is on a retreat.

hall98: Hello Derrick, a two part question if I may. Will the team keep the same roster as last season and how is your heath today? Thank you.

Derrick_Hall: We will have the majority of last season's team back. There are some changes we will make, but very few holes to fill. As far as my health, I feel great. Surgery scheduled for Tuesday. Very anxious.

ytownkid: D. Hall - Just wanted you to know that the entire D-backs family will be in your corner next week. Keep fighting the good fight!

Derrick_Hall: Thanks. I greatly appreciate it.

zwillman: Hey Derrick, I just wanted to thank you for the downright amazing affordability of the ticket prices all through the season and DEFINITELY in the playoffs. I'm in college at ASU and typically broke, but I was still able to afford to go to all college nights.

Derrick_Hall: We take great pride in our affordability. We are the most affordable ticket on average in baseball and have been for four straight years. We also offer our family value pricing throughout the ballpark on merchandise and concessions. No other team has a $4.00 beer that is 14 ounces. No other team has kids' food items for $1.50 like we do. So glad you could afford to attend.

upton99: What do you think went wrong in Game 5 of the NLDS?

Derrick_Hall: It was an incredible game and series. We had our opportunities and it certainly felt like it was going to be a vintage D-back comeback. We just couldn't get that extra run in during those late innings. Much to build on, and the guys are thirsty for it.

radical79: Any intentions on trying to get Willie Bloomquist back in the fold?

Derrick_Hall: Willie was a key part of our success last season. He and his agent know that we have interest in him returning. He is one of my favorite guys off of the field as well. We exercised his option, but he declined it. They are likely shopping around first and I cannot blame him for that.

DrewwwFan76: PLEASE tell me Stephen Drew is on the 2012 roster!

Derrick_Hall: He is on our roster. We just need to see if he is ready for play by the time spring comes around. There is no doubt we are a better team with a healthy Stephen Drew in that dugout and on that field.

jperales: Hey Derrick, going into the offseason, how active are the D-backs going to be in FA? Is addressing third base a possibility?

Derrick_Hall: We will be active, but again, there are not many holes to fill. What we do at third base is dependent upon whether or not Aaron Hill returns. If he signs with us to return, he will play second and Ryan Roberts and Geoff Blum can again handle third.

thegoldfinger22: Mr. Hall, I am wondering if the ticket prices are going to increase next season and if there are going to be any new ticket packages.

Derrick_Hall: No they are not, I am proud to report. We kept ticket prices the same as last season.

gomez25: Derrick, you guys did a phenomenal job in bringing the team back to the potential I knew it had. Do you think there is any missing pieces to making the team better? Like a free agent or a trade?

Derrick_Hall: We believe we will be as good as our pitching is. We always think we can improve in that department. Our bullpen was terrific this season, and we can tell what a difference maker that was.

rbadgley: Hi Derrick, I just want to thank you for being such a great leader in our sports community. My prayers will be with you next week.

Derrick_Hall: I truly appreciate the support of you and all of our fans. I encourage men over the age of 40 to get tested for an early detection.

tmetzer: With Bloomquist and Blanco turning down the option for 2012, what are the odds that you will be able to sign them to a contract?

Derrick_Hall: Henry is signed now, so he will be back. Still working on Willie.

krockies: Derrick, good luck next week. Will spring tickets remain the same price?

Derrick_Hall: Thank you. There have been some modest adjustments made to spring pricing.

thegoldfinger22: Hello Derrick, I just want to let you know that I am a HUGE fan of Gibby. He is the man and I look forward to seeing him for many years.

Derrick_Hall: I am a big fan of his as well and just extended he and Kevin Towers through 2014, with club options for 2015 and 2016.

DrewwwFan76: Lowest ticket prices, largest big screen scoreboard, Man I LOVE Chase Field!

Derrick_Hall: It is a special place.

gusgus23: Will the coaching staff come back intact next year or are there opportunities for them to go elsewhere?

Derrick_Hall: We plan on having the entire coaching staff back. I know I am biased, but I consider our staff among the best in the game.

littleg25: It seems as though the starting rotation coming out of spring may be very competitive next year. If some of these young arms are as good as they are made out to be, is there a possibility of moving Josh "Tomohawk" Collmenter into the bullpen?

Derrick_Hall: I know Kevin loves Josh in the rotation. He did a wonderful job for us all season and into the postseason. It will definitely be a much more competitive spring, with Jarrod Parker, Tyler Skaggs, Patrick Corbin and Trevor Bauer all battling for spots.

upton99: Will Paul Goldschmidt still be playing first in 2012.

Derrick_Hall: I think Goldy gave us every reason to believe he will be at first base next season. He has so much talent and potential. Not only the power at the plate, a pleasant surprise defensively around the bag.

gusgus23: Has there ever been thoughts of making Chase Field a smaller capacity, ala San Francisco's park?

Derrick_Hall: It needs to be smaller, but we have not figured out the best method from an aesthetic or financial standpoint to make it work. New stadiums today seem to be built in the 38,000-42,000 range. Having nearly 50,000 seats in our market is too large.

thegoldfinger22: Mr. Hall, Is it possible for my friend and I to hang out in your office above the team shop on Opening Day?

Derrick_Hall: You just gave me a great contest for my Twitter account. If you don't already follow me, please do @DHallDbacks. This could be a contest for next season. Thanks.

gusgus23: Several sportswriters commented that there was no excitement or passion shown by the fans during the playoffs. How do you react to that statement?

Derrick_Hall: I completely disagree. Our fans were louder down the stretch and in the postseason than I have ever heard. They made a difference. All of our players would come to me after games and say how impressed they were with the volume and energy of our fans. I will dispute that one all day long.

Derrick_Hall: Unfortunately we are out of time. We are selling several new season tickets, so hope you plan on joining the family as well if you are not in already. And thanks for all of your thoughts, prayers and well-wishes. Go D-backs!

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