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10/13/11 7:32 PM ET

Hall chats about D-backs' successful season

During his October web chat with fans, D-backs president and CEO Derrick Hall talked about the free-agent market, making the postseason next season and the core of players returning in 2012.

Derrick Hall: Good afternoon everyone. Let me begin by simply thanking all of you for your support during an amazing season. We will get started now.

odogfan1: Now that the D-backs aren't in the playoffs, who are you rooting for?

Derrick Hall: Still too depressed to root for any of them. Just kidding. Well sort of. I want the two teams that will draw the highest ratings for MLB.

odogfan1: Do you anticipate Aaron Hill will be with the team next year?

Derrick Hall: He is one of the decisions we will have to make. He was terrific during his time here and definitely contributed to our playoff run. He really enjoyed his time with us as well.

snakecharm: What is the status of Kirk Gibson and Kevin Towers' contracts?

Derrick Hall: They are both under team control for a few years with options as well. I envision them working here for a very long time. They both love being here and I am fortunate that we all have a such a positive relationship and environment together. It is like family with the three of us.

cindieloo: This is Cindie Anderson. Just a quick note to say congratulations on the season. I look forward to more success next year!

Derrick Hall: Thank you Cindie. I too look forward to more success.

sforce116: When will all the great young pitchers that played in Double-A Mobile be playing with the D-backs?

Derrick Hall: We were able to see a few of them this year with Collmenter, Miley, Parker, Shaw and Cook. They will all be competing for Major League jobs next spring, along with Skaggs, Corbin and Bauer.

sforce116: Are 2012 season ticket sales drastically increasing due to the team's play this past season?

Derrick Hall: Not drastically, but we are definitely seeing a lift. And our season ticket renewal percentage is through the roof. Fans are excited about this product and believe in Gibby and the players. Being a season ticket holder here is special, as are all of perks.

snakecharm: What's the biggest need you'll be addressing this offseason?

Derrick Hall: Fortunately most of our roster is set. We will dabble a bit in the free agent market, but there are not many holes to fill. This roster comes back in tact for the most part. This should be a relatively quiet offseason, which is a good thing because we want this team to stay together. The chemistry is incredible and they are all very hungry together.

mike85055: Wow, from worst to first! You're always saying we're a small market so we can't afford to go after the pricey free agents. We're the sixth largest city in the country, we're the 16th largest state in population. How does that make us a small market?

Derrick Hall: We are defined as a small market based on pricing and revenues. The larger markets have the greater revenues, and thus the larger payrolls. Despite our population, we are defined as a small market club.

shyallen54: Mr. Hall, I would like to say thank you for a wonderful baseball season. Being from Montana and now living in Sun City, I have been a D-back fan since the D-backs came into the league.

Derrick Hall: We appreciate the support and are glad you are here. This was an exciting year. The guys played the game the right way and played hard every day and night. Most importantly, they respect the game and the fans which is a reflection of the manager.

sforce116: When will single-game tickets go on sale for the 2012 season?

Derrick Hall: They typically go on sale some time in March. Season tickets are being sold now.

sforce116: How is Stephen Drew coming along with his rehab? What is a reasonable time to expect him back as the starting shortstop?

Derrick Hall: From everything that we have been told from the doctors, he should be ready to go in Spring Training. It was a terrible injury as you know. He is already off of the little scooter he was using to get around.

azrobinson: How can we make our 2012 D-backs better?

Derrick Hall: I would love to repeat what we did, but it will be tough. We will have a target on our backs now. We need to go about our business just as we did this season, and I am confident they will. They will be aggressive and fun to watch again. If we can just get to the Postseason, anything can happen. Who would have thought that we would be playing longer than the Red Sox or Yankees this season?

azrobinson: I want to thank you for being CEO/President and putting together a heck of a staff. I think for the first time in a long time, the D-backs are where they need to be.

Derrick Hall: Thank you very much. We are on the right track for sure. I am so proud of our baseball staff, and equally grateful for our talented business staff. The culture here is top notch and better than ever.

vindeaz: Derrick, good luck in your off-field battle, I feel certain you will win it just like our D-backs won the NL West! Thanks for a fantastic and fun-to-watch season. I went to just over 40 games and it was more fun by far than the last few years!

Derrick Hall: It sure was! And thanks for the well wishes. I will win!

sforce116: Are ticket prices going to stay the same? It's nice to be able to see winning at the cheapest price in baseball!

Derrick Hall: Ticket prices are remaining the same. Most affordable ticket in baseball.

nau1971: As a 14-year season ticket holder I don't believe that I have EVER seen so many great games in one season. All I have to say is -- THANKS, YOU ALL HAVE DONE GOOD.

Derrick Hall: The exciting part is that we were in every game. Even those that we lost felt good and we seemed to have the tying or winning runs at the plate. I am definitely in withdrawal right now.

dnjohnson: First off, thank you for the recent announcements regarding Bloomquist et al. With second base up in the air, who are you looking at?

Derrick Hall: It is safe to say that Hill and Roberts are in the midst of those discussions right now. Ryan can play so many positions, but could definitely play there all season. If we retain Aaron, Roberts can play third.

tjsportsnut7: Hi Mr. Hall, its Tyler Jones. First of all, congratulations on an incredible season! Wow! You have all of Arizona supporting a magical team! My question is about Willie Bloomquist -- now that he has proven to be a reliable everyday starter, what will happen next season?

Derrick Hall: He brings us great insurance in case Drew is not ready immediately, or can play the utility role that he was originally signed for. He is a key member of this team and plays hard every day. I love the guy.

shyallen54: Will Paul Goldschmidt be coming back to the D-backs for next season?

Derrick Hall: I don't see how he cannot be. He was terrific for us, especially in the Division Series. He showed how clutch he can be and really impressed us with his defense upon arrival. He is a big-time fan favorite right now, and for good reason.

daramseyaz: Can we finally put the "move to AL" rumor to rest?

Derrick Hall: Put it to rest! We are going nowhere. We will always be in the NL, where we belong.

MichaelJay: What specific areas will you focus on, in terms of player acquisitions, in the offseason?

Derrick Hall: We are always going to look at pitching. We believe we win with pitching and defense. And depending on what happens at second base, we may look at possibilities for third base.

daramseyaz: I know it's early, but next year, we definitely need a Dancing Cameraman bobblehead.

Derrick Hall: Ha! That is great. I will share with our promotions department. He has become a staple here.

daramseyaz: Will the entire coaching staff be back?

Derrick Hall: Unless any are taken away with managerial openings, they will all be back. Every one of them told me this was the most fun they have ever had in the game. Think about that! With those names and careers, this was the most fun they have ever had. We are on to something, but with humility.

odogfan1: Any chance of getting some healthy food options for next year? Some fresh fruit and more salad options would be welcome.

Derrick Hall: I am always looking for Levy to introduce healthier food. I will pass this on for sure.

nau1971: Do any D-backs players hang out in the stands at Fall League games?

Derrick Hall: They do go from time to time. I heard Miguel Montero was watching a few days ago. And we have an instruction league game at Chase Field tomorrow at 1:00 that will feature many of our top picks like Archie Bradley, Anthony Meo and Andrew Chafin.

ruadonkey: Derrick, what will the D-backs do in 2012 to address making the game more affordable? As you know, baseball, like many other sporting events, has become a hundreds of dollar per game event for a family of four.

Derrick Hall: Not ours. We have the most affordable tickets in the game and of all the professional sports here locally. We have $10 seats upstairs and we have tickets in the bleachers for just $15. We have value pricing on food and merchandise, such as $1.50 kids food items and $4 beers, and even allow food and water to be brought in. No other team in sports does what we do when it comes to affordability.

vindeaz: As a season ticket holder since day one, I would like to echo your sentiments about D-backs employees/staff: in all these years, but especially the last few, I have had nothing but positive, helpful experiences from people that care about how they do their jobs.

Derrick Hall: That just made my day, and my chat! They are telling me I am out of time. Thanks to all for joining me. I cannot wait for Spring Training. Go D-backs!

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