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10/01/11 9:47 PM ET

Postgame interview with Kirk Gibson

Q. Kennedy pitched a good game today.

KIRK GIBSON: Yeah, he only made two real mistakes; the one to Betancourt that he hit off the wall and the one to Fielder.

I left him in, it was a bad decision on my part obviously. But other than that, the hit that Fielder had earlier, it was a great change up, Fielder caught his bat on it down the line.

And he pitched like Ian has pitched all year. Pitched very well. Solid.

Q. Can you talk about the decision to [inaudible]

KIRK GIBSON: Obviously we had different options. Could have brought Paterson, who has actually handled Fielder well, could have walked him and let Ian face Weeks. Ultimately that's what he wanted to do, and it was my decision to let him do it that way. It didn't work out. He threw probably the worst pitch of the game. Fielder, give him credit. He hit a good swing on it and hit it out of the park. Up to that point we kept it in the park.

Q. What was your impression of Gallardo? He had that one chance in the first inning.

KIRK GIBSON: Yeah. No, he threw the ball good. He had a real good fastball. He struck out, what, nine of us. I think six of them we took. He was painting on the outside corner. Very firm there. He was right on the edge of the zone. He has a good breaking ball. He pitched a great game.

We had an opportunity in the first inning, we weren't successful there. And Roberts, he's pretty much in command.

Q. The situations were very different, but when Fielder hit that ball, did you have a flashback to the 1984 season?

KIRK GIBSON: No, I didn't think about that at all. I just felt bad. I made a poor decision. And sometimes that's how the game goes.

But there's another game tomorrow. We'll be optimistic, we'll be upbeat. We'll come out prepared like we do every game. And I'll try to do a better job myself. That's all you can do. Everybody gives a good effort. You think things out as best you can. That's why it's a competition, somebody wins.

Q. Kennedy's game, he kept you in the ballgame.

KIRK GIBSON: He pitched great. Other than the mistake he made to Fielder. It was a tight game. And the ball that, like I said, Fielder, they got him in. There's nothing he can do about that. He made a great pitch on the change up. And actually, the RBI by Lucroy, made a good pitch on him there, gets jammed on it, and they drop it in. And up to that point he was exceptional.

Q. Offensively for them, they're the two best players, Braun and Fielder. How difficult is it to game plan against them, to execute a game plan?

KIRK GIBSON: They're good. We talked about it. They did a very good job. I tip my hat to them. They've done it. They're a huge part of their success.

And Braun, like his last at bat, he's just a real pure hitter. Ian made a good pitch on the inside part of the plate with two strikes. Fouled it off, he tries to paint him away, and hits it out of the corner. He's a quality hitter, that's why he is where he is. That's why his average is where it's at. We've seen a lot of it. He's a very good player.

Q. Because the pitcher is on deck, Lucroy has a thing about is there any talk about passing

KIRK GIBSON: No, we're going to attack him.


KIRK GIBSON: Baseball, it happens that way. Gallardo pitched a good game. He had our number, we were unable to make the adjustment. You tip your hat to them. We'll have to come back tomorrow and be better.

Q. What's the takeaway from this? You had your best man that pitched.

KIRK GIBSON: We've got a good guy pitching tomorrow, and we've been down before and we've been resilient, and we'll come back with a good attitude and believe we can win tomorrow.

It's a long series. It's one game. I mean, we're going to keep it in perspective. At the same time we have to realize we have to compete again tomorrow as well.

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