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08/13/09 7:30 PM ET

Hall discusses pitchers with fans

Team president/CEO addresses Davis situation in chat

During his monthly Web chat with fans, D-backs president and CEO Derrick Hall discussed the status of Doug Davis, Trent Oeltjen's performance, the possibility of Luis Gonzalez joining the front office and many other topics.

Derrick Hall: Welcome everyone.

metalguy67: I know Doug Davis was claimed on the wavier wire by the Brewers. Has there been any progress? I hope the D-backs keep Doug; he is a dependable pitcher and a key to success in 2010.

Hall: Nothing new there. Both sides have 48 hours to work out a deal, if any at all. Doug may very well stay right here and remain a Diamondback. I certainly agree that he has been an effective and reliable starter. We would have to receive value that Josh Byrnes and his staff cherish in return for a deal to get done.

StephenH: The decision on Brandon Webb has to be made within five days of the World Series concluding. What will you be looking at if you pick up his option when he is recuperating and not able to throw?

Hall: He says he is feeling well, which is obviously a good sign. We hope he is in healthy enough condition for us to offer the extension. A rotation with Webb and Haren makes a big difference.

punterjoe: I'm a D-backs fan in Mississippi and I'll be attending my first D-backs game on Monday in Atlanta. Any chance I can score some autographs?

Hall: Glad to hear you are coming our way. It is a wonderful ballpark and I am sure you will enjoy it. Our players are good about signing autographs. I would suggest you arrive early enough. They usually come over to the rail or beyond the dugout near and at the conclusion of their batting practice.

StephenH: Will Major League Baseball and team owners ever vote on allowing video replays of safe/out calls and tags on the bases?

Hall: Probably not. MLB has strict rules against replaying close plays or called strikes to protect the umpires from being shown up or ridiculed.

bdg123: Is Brandon Allen a September callup, and will he get a number of starts?

Hall: Definitely a September callup, could even arrive before that. He will need to get ample playing time and at-bats while here. He is tearing up Triple-A pitching right now.

vhalen5150: Hello Mr. Hall, I recently met you at Citi Field when you visited New York. I am very happy with the approach the team is taking, the emphasis on the young talent your organization has taken is very exciting. Looking ahead to 2010 and beyond.

Hall: Citi Field is a great new park. Thanks for the compliments on our baseball staff's approach. Most of the promotions came as the result of injuries, which is unfortunate. But they have been given an opportunity to play and they are taking advantage of it.

pjskitch: I am trying to understand the logic behind letting Doug Davis go on waivers. He has proven to be a key No. 3 starter and wants to stay here. Losing him will create a huge hole in the starting staff next. Starting pitching has always been a priority.

Hall: All teams will put most of their players on waivers. They can either clear or be claimed. Just because a player is claimed does not mean a deal has to be made. The player can be pulled back off waivers to remain with the club.

StephenH: Trent Oeltjen has been a breath of fresh air. Thoughts on his perseverance of nine years in the Minors? I have to give A.J. Hinch credit for seeing something in him.

Hall: It is a great story and he has quickly become a crowd favorite. A.J. had a feeling about him from the start, and we can see why.

dbacker20: Is there anything you can tell us about Luis Gonzalez becoming a part of the D-backs front office?

Hall: We have had significant conversations recently and I feel good about the progress. He wants to be here and we want him here. I am confident I can get something done and agreed upon within the next few weeks.

tkwebsinc: Do you have a timeframe identified yet for submitting entries for the Scholarship Program for 2010?

Hall: The application process will take place shortly after the season. Watch for it online at dbacks.com under the "Community" section. We make our decisions in early December and announce right before the holidays.

TruDbackFanInIndiana: First of all, thank you for taking our questions. It's a little off topic but as a diehard fan from Indiana, I was wondering what the best way is to go about getting 2011 All-Star Game tickets?

Hall: Those tickets will go on sale in 2011. The only way to guarantee yourself tickets at this point is to be a season-ticket holder, which I realize is difficult from Indiana.

hfgsgshdfhsrth: Good afternoon, Derrick. My son and I are flying in this weekend from New Jersey for the series against the Dodgers. This is our first time in Phoenix, and I was wondering what, in your opinion, should be the "can't miss" part of our visit to the ballpark.

Hall: You will love it. Make sure you give yourself enough time to walk around and take in the scenes and destinations. Go to the Peter Piper Playhouse in Center Field, visit our Team Shop on the main concourse, stop by the Sandlot on the upper concourse, and treat yourself to one of Rey Cota's signature tamales located at Section 137.

dbacker20: Is the All-You-Can-Eat Section going to be back next year?

Hall: Absolutely. It has been a big hit. We may actually expand and choose another section of the stadium for additional seats.

tkwebsinc: Regarding the 30 prizes in 30 days -- how will the winners be announced?

Hall: For home games, the winners will be announced in-stadium and they will be contacted by our staff. While the team is on the road, we will announce through our broadcasters and follow up with contact from our staff as well.

Tina12: Ever think of having one free beer night? Only 21 and up of course. Those of age could get a coupon at the gate, which would be good for one free beer. Can you say sellout?

Hall: Though I love the idea, we would never be allowed to do it. Liquor laws and insurance would prohibit. However, our $4 14-ounce beer is the most affordable in the game.

bennyjm: Mr. Hall, any considerations of having throwback uniform night? I think adding the old uniforms even from back to 1998-1999 on some home games would be great.

Hall: We have given it a great deal of thought and will definitely be planning one. We think the 2011 season may be the best time for that, seeing that it will be the 10th anniversary of our World Series title.

susan2249: Can a person living outside Arizona be a season-ticket holder?

Hall: Of course. We welcome fans from everywhere!

StephenH: I was one who agreed with you not signing Randy Johnson for big money and you took some heat for it. Do you feel vindicated since his best days were behind him?

Hall: Thanks. It was a difficult decision for our baseball staff, but really one that had to do with Jon Garland more. He has 10 quality starts in his last 12 outings, with a 3.14 ERA since June 13. He has been extremely reliable, ranking 15th in the league in innings pitched.

dbacker20: Is there any chance of getting a bunch of the 2001 World Series team members to get together for a fan event -- like FanFest?

Hall: We will definitely get them together, but it should be the perfect setting. Probably another great opportunity to take advantage of to kick off the 2011 season, our 10th anniversary of the World Series.

TruDbackFanInIndiana: With the recent signing of Daniel Cabrera, I was wondering what your hopes are for the guy. Do you believe that he could maybe be a piece for improving our subpar bullpen, or maybe a starter in the future? Doug Davis replacement?

Hall: He has always had a great arm, but challenges with control. We are lacking some depth at starting pitcher in our system, so it is worth the signing. He could find form soon, and we hope it is on our watch.

susan2249: I think Mark Grace's contract ends this year. Will he be back?

Hall: We love Gracie, as do the fans. He has another year on his contract, and I am sure we will talk about extending him soon beyond that.

dlj108951: The lady who was hit by the baseball a few weeks ago and taken away by paramedics -- how is she doing?

Hall: She suffered some facial fractures, unfortunately. She and her husband are tremendous fans. I spoke with them the next day, and we sent them some flowers. We then received a "thank you" note from her for the flowers and treatment. First time I have ever received a thank you from someone who got hit! What a fan!

Hall: We are all out of time. Thanks again to all of you for joining me. This should be a fun-filled series against the Dodgers. Go D-backs!

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