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11/13/08 5:59 PM EST

Hall chats with D-backs fans

Team president answers questions during monthly chat

D-backs president Derrick Hall answered questions Thursday from fans during his monthly Web chat. Hall discussed Randy Johnson, the possibility of Luis Gonzalez returning to Arizona, youth baseball and softball camps and ticket packs.

Derrick Hall: Good afternoon everyone. We apologize that the chat was canceled last week with difficulties from New York.

1dbacksfan98: With only $10 million to spend, what is the plan for Diamondbacks to compete with the Dodgers, which are shedding over 30 million from their payroll?

Hall: We will make moves that we believe will allow us to compete. Our roster is intact for the most part. But our staff will get creative when it comes to the bullpen. We obviously have a hole to fill at second base and will need to address the bench as well.

scottlp: To fill the D-backs' second-base need, is it essential to get a left-handed bat?

Hall: We may be able to get creative and bring in a combination of players that would give us that left-handed option when we need it. It would be nice to have a left-handed stick there though.

cadrrg: Derrick, I have heard rumors that Gonzo wanted to come home to the D-backs to retire. Could you give us your opinion about this. I think it would be a wonderful thing for the fans.

Hall: We have heard the same. It will be a decision our baseball staff will make based on need. We have at least four outfielders on the roster right now and anticipate a healthy Eric Byrnes this season. It comes down to need and fit. A lot would have to change.

dlj108951: Hi Derek. Will the team shop ever carry large size items (T-shirts, jerseys, jackets, etc.) in 3x or larger? I am a larger person and would love to be able to buy D-backs merchandise but need a larger size. Would pay the extra money for the item.

Hall: We have already asked our partner from merchandising. We are trying to make that happen.

lukasdax: My question is about Randy Johnson. I know he wants to win 300 here, but frankly I would rather see a guy like Max Scherzer get a chance. When do you think you will have that situation ironed out?

Hall: Our baseball group met with his people and we expressed the desire to have him return. It is our understanding that he filed for free agency today.

D-backsFAN: I am looking forward to "Fetch on the Field" next week and bringing my dog, Conor, down to the field. Is there anything I need to know about the event?

Hall: It's the first time we've held this. It is $10 for two people and one dog. We are turning the entire outfield into the largest dog park in the state. We will separate large dogs from small. All proceeds go to the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation.

lefty45fan: Will a majority of the bullpen be coming back next season?

Hall: We have Tony Pena, Chad Qualls, Doug Slaten and Jon Rauch all under contract. We have decisions to make on Brandon Lyon and Juan Cruz.

lukasdax: Gonzo is a great guy, but this team needs youth, not more senior citizens. Why not make him a coach instead?

Hall: I believe his intention is to continue playing. That decision is completely his, whether to play or not.

brwebb: Do you think Conor Jackson looks better at first base or in left field?

Hall: It's great that he can play both positions. He looked real comfortable in left field this season and did a terrific job there where we had a need due to Byrnes' injury.

murdog1: What is the ratio of season ticket seating availability to be sold and seating available for single game purchases in the infield box section? I was disappointed that there were not any good choices for upgrade for the 2009 season.

Hall: I am sorry that there were not any good alternatives for you. We have very few available. Those that are, or are not being held by the team or MLB due to requirements, go by order of priority. We have several great seats available in other sections if you are ever interested in checking those out, too.

brwebb: Will there be a Winter Fan Fest this year?

Hall: Absolutely. That event keeps getting better and better, and we hope to include the field this year. Count on it. The date is still to come, but will likely be in February.

D-backsFAN: I saw online the D-backs are doing a post-Thanksgiving day baseball camp. Can you give me some details about what this is?

Hall: These are all-day baseball camps from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. They will take place at parks near three local malls, giving parents the opportunity to go shop during the clinics. Here are more details.

cadrrg: Will the club be offering 6-pack ticket sales again this year? A full season is way to much for me to realistically get to all of the games.

Hall: Actually, we will be introducing a holiday 6-pack soon and we also give Opening Day (as a seventh). You would be surprised how affordable season tickets are in certain areas. We have great locations that are just $5 a game.

td824: With the cutbacks in the broadcasting area, will this mean fewer games on TV?

Hall: Absolutely not. We will still televise 150 games on FSNA.

Hall: We are out of time. Thank you for joining me. We had a lot of visitors for this chat and I appreciate the participation. I wish I could have answered more, especially baseball related. Those are best for our GM and his staff. Thanks again.

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