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11/03/08 4:56 PM ET

Mailbag: Who will play second base?

Beat reporter Steve Gilbert answers D-backs fans' questions

Orlando Hudson said he probably is not coming back next year, so who is going to play second base? Can you see them moving Mark Reynolds there? What free agent might they go after?
-- Ken S., Phoenix

Ken, I don't think moving Reynolds to second is their first option. That would open up a hole at third, and I believe the organization feels it would be easier to find a second baseman either via free agency or a trade than it would be to find a third baseman.

As far as free agent second basemen go, I think they will target Texas' Ramon Vazquez, who is a good fit for them on a number of different levels. First, he's a left-handed hitter, which would help balance the lineup, and he's also relatively affordable. If you're looking at getting someone in a trade, I'd keep an eye on the Cardinals' Adam Kennedy.

Is Tony Clark coming back next year?
-- Kermit W., New York

I seriously doubt it, Kermit. Clark still has some things he wants to accomplish in his career, and he will try to play at least another season.

When his playing career ends, I expect the D-backs will try to make him a part of their organization, either as a coach or as a part of their community outreach program.

Are the D-backs going to pursue any of the Angels' middle infielder such as Chone Figgins, Howie Kendrick, or Macier Izturis to play second? All are good defenders and put up decent numbers at the dish. Plus, the Angels have too many infielders, possibly making an acquisition relatively easy.
-- Mike M., Gilbert, Ariz.

The D-backs don't have a lot to trade at this point, Mike. They've traded quite a few prospects over the past few seasons, and the ones they didn't trade are currently helping them in the big leagues right now.

That's why I think their answer to the hole at second base will come via a relatively inexpensive free agent (Vazquez) or in a trade (Kennedy), where the other team would not look for much in return. I don't think the guys you mentioned above fit into that category.

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Are the Diamondbacks showing interest in Jake Peavy (to make their starting rotation that much better) or are they going to try to go for more of a cleanup hitter, someone who is a good run producer?
-- Brett Y., Phoenix

You can scratch Peavy off the list, Brett. Even if the D-backs had the inclination to trade for him (and they don't for a host of reasons including financial) there is no way the Padres would trade him to a division rival.

As far as acquiring a run producer, I think for the most part -- outside of second base and maybe a backup outfielder/first baseman -- what you see is what you get with regards to the D-backs lineup. With less than $10 million to spend this offseason, a big-time run producer is out of the question.

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