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09/05/08 12:17 AM ET

Hall chat wrap

D-backs president answers questions during monthly chat

During his September Web chat with fans, D-backs president Derrick Hall chatted about many topics including how Adam Dunn and David Eckstein are fitting in with the club, Orlando Hudson remaining a D-back next season, and details about the D-backs postseason ticket lottery.

Hall: Hello D-backs fans. Welcome to our chat. Let's get started.

D-backsFAN: When do you think D-backs postseason tickets will go on sale?

Hall: That's a timely question, though I don't want to jinx any possibilities. will conduct on-line lotteries for each of the rounds. Details will be announced swith dates for each. What is important at this point, is that you register on line. That registration begins tomorrow and will make you eligible for each round. Now, let's keep our fingers crossed.

1234rangerfan: Hello Sir. With his potential to dominate offenses, will Max Scherzer be insterted into the rotation anytime soon? Thank you so much for being kind enough to reply.

Hall: Max is actually back up with the Major League team and has appeared as a reliever. When healthy this season, he has been real impressive. It is nice to have a guy who can start or relieve. Our manager has not made a decision on his use for next season. He is a great talent and we are thrilled that he seems to be healthy again.

delcarbon: After last night's victory, are the guys carrying that momentum into LA or remaining humble about it?

Hall: This is a very humble group, but we hope this will serve as a lift. That was as exciting a finish as I've seen. The comeback Monday was nice and the five-run ninth against the Brewers stand out as well. They are showing the ability to come back again. This group is resilient and seem to find a way to win when their backs are against the wall.

Weeman: Did the D-backs make a mistake in not getting Manny Ramirez?

Hall: I would not categorize it as a mistake. That was a three-way deal that we were never in talks on. We are real pleased with Adam Dunn. We needed a power lefty in the line-up, particularly with the challenges we experienced at times against tough right-handers.

scout01: How well are Dunn and Eckstein fitting in with the club?

Hall: Perfectly. These guys are tremendous fits. Adam seems real happy here and the kids adore him. David is a great fit as well and leads by example. He is a gamer and his preparation is greatly admired.

D-backsFAN: I saw at Fry's Jessica Simpson is performing next week at Chase Field?

Hall: Yes, we are excited. She just came out with a country album that will be released on Tuesday. She is performing after the Reds game Saturday night, which by the way, is a 5:10 start time. That is also an All-You-Can-Eat night, which was a big success for the first two games.

Weeman: Do the players feel pressured or relaxed in the clubhouse?

Hall: This is a confident group. There does not seem to be a lot of stress in the clubhouse. They are definitely angry after a loss, but are quick to forget and focus on the next game. That's an important characteristic, and we seem to have it.

murdog1: Are the D-backs interested in keeping Orlando Hudson being that he has sustained season ending ijuries the past two seasons?

Hall: We love O-dog and all he has done to contribute to this team. We will have to see what happens this off-season. He is a free agent and has the right to go shop his services around. Gold Glove middle infielders who can hit are valuable.

scout01: What is your prediction for this weekend's pivitol series at LA?

Hall: I don't like to predict. I like our chances though, going in with our three big guns. Having Haren, Webb and Randy going in the series should make us feel good at this point.

mikefresh: I can't tell you how pumped I am that Eckstein has joined the club. Great move. What is the prospects of extending his contract?

Hall: That was a great trade for us. We are fortunate to have that post-season and leadership experience in the clubhouse. We are also fortunate to have Auggie Ojeda who can play second, short or third and has been consistent all year.

Weeman: What has happened to Webb his last two starts? Could this be a sign of fatigue?

Hall: He has definitely struggled, but that is to be expected. We are so lucky, yet spoiled, to be able to watch Brandon pitch every fifth day. But we have come to expect him to win or dominate every game. It's not fun realizing that he's human every once in a great while.

98dbacker: After all the raving advertisement about 76% of the seats being sold at the same or less than last year, why did my seats increase 75%? What accomodations are you maiking for long term (10 year) who cannot afford the increase?

Hall: It was definitely a difficult decision to raise your prices from $21 to $35, and I apologize. I would prefer not to have increases at all. But yours was more of a price correction for 500 seats that have been underpriced. We have to consider the fans one section over who are paying $75 per game and the folks just a few rows in front of you paying $85. We were lacking a balanced pricing structure down there. We considered stretching the increase out over a three-year period, but figured that fans who cannot afford $35 today likely cannot in three years either. And with season ticket numbers going up rapidly due to the young talent and the fan experience, we fear that we will not be able to relocate you to a comparable seat three years from now. We will give you priority and move you to a spot that is close and remains available at this time.

delcarbon: Will Justin Upton return to the lineup, as far as you know, this weekend?

Hall: That is definitely the manager's decision. He sure is an exciting player and he helped us again during this series. It is nice having so many options for our outfield positions. And it is nice having him back healthy and swinging a great bat.

Hall: We are out of time unfortunately. Have fun watching the series this weekend and we hope to see you out here at Chase Field down the stretch. Go D-backs!

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