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08/07/08 8:35 PM ET

Derrick Hall's chat transcript

Team president talks about signings, the lineup and more

Hall: Good afternoon D-back fans. Welcome to today's chat.

mustwin1: Given the near zero hit game yesterday, and the past history of abysmal hitting, are there any corrective measures in store? Fans grow weary of watching missed opportunities.

Hall: Chalk that up to a well-pitched game for their kid. It was a shame, because Randy pitched well enough to win as well. We are actually hitting the ball real well in this second half. There seems to be more and more double-digit hit games and we are finding a way to score.

steven_f: How can I get a job with the Arizona Diamondbacks?

Hall: We have job listings on our Web site, which allows you to apply online. You can also submit your resume through our fan feedback at fanfeedback@dbacks.com.

cleak: Are you going to have a deal with light-rail for folks going to the ball game?

Hall: We are discussing options with them. It should provide ease and convenience for our fans that can take advantage of it. I would love to see D-back specific trains with logos and tailgates.

dbacker20: Are there any talks with Randy Johnson to come back for one more season, especially now that it looks like he won't make it to 300 wins this season?

Hall: We have not had those discussions yet. It would sure be nice to see him reach that milestone in a D-backs uniform. He has been phenomenal of late.

steven_f: Will the "Redheads" be back next season?

Hall: It's been a great addition to the ballpark and to the Foundation. Those guys have done a terrific job of promoting and selling it, and the passion and enthusiasm displayed out there has been unbelievable. We just need to turn the record around on those games.

cojackfan: Outside of Dan Haren and Brandon Webb, there are inconsistencies within the rotation even though Randy has been doing well. Is the organization interested in looking for another arm to add to the rotation? With all indications pointing to Greg Maddux's interest staying.

Hall: Every club wants to add arms when it can -- us included. We have some great young talent to consider as well, with Scherzer, Owings, Petit, Parker, etc. We are built on pitching, and that will always be our strength, so yes, it is safe to say we always look to improve our staff.

D-backsFAN: Are you planning to keep Saturday games at a 5:10 p.m. start time next year?

Hall: We will definitely keep our 5:10 starts for Saturday. The response from fans has been tremendous, and it has been our largest attended day this season. It still leaves the night open for our fans after the games and does not require them to get back so quickly for our early Sunday games.

theruch: How do you see the team as of now? Do we need to hold onto our Minor Leaguers and hope for the best with the team we already have?

Hall: I would say that is the approach. We like our roster and believe this team can win. With our pitching, we will be in most games. We did not want to sacrifice any of our young prospects at the trade deadline, and were pleased to add Tony and Rauch without doing so.

clgparker: Mr. Hall, We are heading into the late season and things are heating up! What sort of stuff do you have planned at the ballpark for remaining games?

Hall: Expect some exciting news for a few events in September. We will always have our general giveaways on Saturday nights and giveaways for kids on Sundays, as well as our spectacular post-game fireworks every Friday night.

D-backsFAN: Are you planning to raise ticket prices next year?

Hall: For the most part, it is safe to say "no." However, there are a few sections that require some adjusting to better balance our pricing. Most of those will be no more than $.50 to $1.50 per seats. The highest we will raise, will likely be $10 in just a few sections that are underpriced. Overall, I think 70-80% of our seats will remain the same or lower in price. We will likely remain the most affordable ticket in the game for a third-straight year.

theruch: Any thought of having a retro jersey night? I thought that would have been nice to do that this year..

. Hall: Absolutely. We have thought of doing a 90's night next season and that might be a great time to do it.

steven_f: Have the Diamondbacks ever thought of having a "Preview you seat" where you put in your section and row and it shows you the view you would have at the ballpark?

Hall: Yes. We would like that feature for our website, and we will eventually get to the point where we have interactive kiosks that will allow for upgrades and show the view from those available seats.

MesaAZFan: I have been wondering how much has the 49 fund raised so far?

Hall: We are half way to the desired $49,000, so keep those donations coming.

steven_f: Now that the D-backs have locked up Haren for a few more years, can we expect Webb to be signed to a long-term deal too?

Hall: We were negotiating with both for that reason. We hope to revisit with Brandon. We do have him under contract for another few seasons, but we like the idea of signing our guys to longer deals.

azvk77: Hey Derrick, Has the in-game entertainment team given a thought about the idea of karaoking at Chase Field similar to the Pirates version PNC Park Idol? I think MLB needs to make in-game karaoking an option for all 30 teams.

Hall: Not sure, to be honest, but it is a good thought. I will pass it along to our group. They do a fantastic job in energizing this ballpark.

clgparker: As a season ticket holder I have really enjoyed the perks. The personal reps have been great and the occasional upgrade has been sweet. Just want to say thanks!

Hall: That is so nice to hear. Thank you, and the perks will keep coming. That is a great testimonial for any of you considering joining the season ticket family and a great one to end on. The service we provide for our season ticket holders is a true point of pride. I apologize for those of you who did not get your questions answered. We had great participation today and too many questions to get to. Thanks to you all. Go D-backs!

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