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07/02/08 7:07 PM ET

Hall fields questions during July chat

D-backs president hopes to host All-Star Game in the future

During his July Web chat with fans, D-backs president Derrick Hall fielded questions about the Trade Deadline, Eric Byrnes, the gameday experience at Chase Field and the chances of hosting an All-Star Game in Phoenix.

Derrick Hall: Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to today's chat.

shoewizard: Any word on who is getting called up today? Also, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, what are the chances the D-backs make a significant trade within the next few weeks? Thanks!

Hall: Hello Shoewizard! There is technically no move today. [Yusmeiro] Petit will get the start for Micah [Owings], but he has not been put on the disabled list. As for the trade, I would never place a prediction on player moves. There are always too many moving parts. There are times when a deal seems imminent and never gets done, while other times deals seem far too distant and become a reality.

miodone1: As the summer gets hotter I plan on traveling to follow the team -- can I contact the D-backs' office for better-than-normal seating to get me closer to the dugout? Thanks for your reply.

Hall: I am glad to hear you will be traveling with us and appreciate the support. We should be able to help you with better seats, depending on the stadium and team. Feel free to contact us for help. And if you are a season-ticket holder, contact your service rep for assistance there as well.

miodone1: Not a question but an observation. I certainly hope the team continues to be patient with the young players and does not risk losing anyone for any type of quick fix. As a fan, I have always been here for the long haul and will continue to support the team.

Hall: That is a great comment, and one that is appreciated. We have faith in these kids and realize they will go through growing pains, as most great players do.

susan2249: Since Byrnes has reinjured his left hamstring, is there thoughts of shutting him down for the season?

Hall: We will not rush him. We don't want him returning until he's completely healthy. He is such a gamer and wants to be out there all of the time. We need to make sure he is ready though, no matter how long that takes.

bigdaug1: Can we, as fans, get more professional on-air TV broadcasting from our announcers, instead of all-the-kid banter that we get from the announcers? Have them just do a play-by-play on the game, like an Ernie Harwell type.

Hall: Daron [Sutton] and Mark [Grace] are trying to stay light and entertain during games that may be out of reach one way or the other. It is a difficult balance. They are certainly sensitive to this thought, and have toned it down a bit. Our fans are all over the board with this one, however. For every fan that is discouraged by too much banter, there's one ready to tell us how entertaining they are.

scott20104400: Hi Derrick, why are the D-backs struggling as of late? Is it our pitching, our offense or is it our defense? What's up with that? Is there anything they could do to make a run at the postseason? Do you still think that we will win the National League West?

Hall: We certainly hope to be making a run at the postseason. Fortunately, we are still in first place. We have struggled, but we also did last season around the same time. It is unfortunate that we now have so many guys injured, because it has felt of late that the offense is bouncing back. We got cold, all at the same time. I believe they are beginning to get hot again.

susan2249: Just a comment, I started following the D-backs because I'm a Byrnes fan, but I have found that with or without Byrnes, I'm a D-backs Fan!

Hall: Thank you very much. That is want we want from all of our fans -- to be fans of the team and organization. It goes back to rooting for the name on the front of the jersey. Thanks for the support.

admin1013_2: I was at last night's game and noticed the usher in my area wearing a button that said "FAWTSY." What does that mean?

Hall: Thanks. That is short for "Find a Way to Say Yes." We have all of our gameday staff wearing those buttons as a reminder of how we expect our fans to be treated. Customer service is our top priority here. It is our mission to treat our fans, employees and players better than any team in all of sports.

edbaby: Mr. Hall, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to chat with us. I wanted to commend you and the D-backs organization for always doing a great job and treating us fans the best.

Hall: I appreciate you noticing. The fan experience is extremely important to us. That includes everything from affordability, to cleanliness, to safety, to entertainment, to customer treatment. We are beginning to do it real well. We're not perfect, and still have room to improve. But I am seeing most of our game day staff wearing smiles and taking the time to thank all of you for being here and asking if there is anything we can do to make your experience better.

admin1013_2: I am coming to the game on Friday, because it is the Fourth of July. What can I expect?

Hall: Hopefully a win first and foremost. After the game, you will witness a wonderful fireworks display. Our Friday night postgame fireworks have always been fantastic, and this one will be even longer and better. It will be a sellout likely, so keep in mind that some seats have an obstructed view and may require moving. With it so full, those fans may want to move early, or get a spot outside and in view.

gorfo57: Brooks Robinson in his autobiography, written years ago, cited taking as many ground balls as coaches were willing to hit him as a key to his fielding success. How often do any of the D-backs work this hard at their fielding?

Hall: Our guys field ground balls throughout all of batting practice. They have also taken extra infield and have had earlier workouts to go along with their normal routine.

steven_f: Why did the Diamondbacks choose to start Petit tonight over bringing up Max Scherzer to make the start?

Hall: Max is strengthening his shoulder at this time. He is on the Minor League DL with shoulder fatigue. We look forward to getting him back on the mound soon. He is a special talent.

scottyross: Is there a possibility of getting an All-Star Game in the near future? I guess it's tough to sell Phoenix in July.

Hall: We are keeping our fingers crossed. The Commissioner, Bud Selig, knows how badly we want to host one. The soonest we can be considered would be 2011. . We will continue to lobby and plead our case. Summer is not such a problem -- we can just close the roof!

Hall: Thank you all for participating. I wish I could have gotten to all of the questions, and yes, there were several. There were a number asking about trades. Believe me, our baseball staff is looking at any and every way to improve this ballclub, and will make a move if it makes us better and does not sacrifice our future. Have a great day, and let's get those Brewers!

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