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06/23/06 5:46 PM ET

Webb chats about sinker, All-Star Game

Pitcher fields questions from fans online

Diamondbacks ace Brandon Webb chatted with fans online Friday about his signature sinker, how he prepares for a game and his goals for the season. The right-hander also talked about the possibility of going to his first Major League All-Star Game.

Brandon Webb: Hi fans. I look forward to answering your questions today.

crazyforcappy: How do you feel when you face one of your friends when you are on the mound or when they are on the mound?

Webb: It's always fun facing former teammates and the challenge to do even better to try and strike them out or get a hit. Like when I faced Oscar Villarreal with the Braves this year.

crazyforcappy: What do you like to do away from the ballpark?

Webb: I like to play golf, hang out by the pool with my four dogs and spend time with my wife and new baby.

cubsfan1357_2: Besides you, what other National League pitchers do you think should be in the All-Star Game?

Webb: I think Jason Schmidt has had a great first half. Bronson Arroyo for the Reds has had a great year. Tom Glavine for the Mets has also had a great year so far.

manteifan: Is there an advantage going through the Minors then to the Majors in the same organization?

Webb: There is an advantage growing with an organization throughout the Minor Leagues, knowing what they expect from you and just knowing the way they run the organization.

rereit: What do you think about the possibility of going to the All-Star Game this year?

Webb: I think it would be great to be invited to the All-Star Game with all the best players in the league. Hopefully it will happen this year.

Tim_Olsen: Brandon, what's the biggest advantage of having such command of the sinker?

Webb: Having good command of a sinker will induce a lot of ground balls. If you have a good infield behind you then I believe it is one of the best pitches you can throw.

Base_Ball: Huge fan, been collecting your baseball cards since 2003, and looking forward to bobblehead day tomorrow. Were there any players you idolized growing up?

Webb: I grew up watching the Atlanta Braves on TV every night. Greg Maddux, Glavine, Steve Avery and all of the Braves were my favorite players growing up.

manteifan: Congrats on your contract extension. Are you glad to be staying with the Diamondbacks?

Webb: I'm very glad to be with the Diamondbacks for the next four years. My family and I love it here in Arizona.

Base_Ball_2: Is there a batter you don't like to face?

Webb: The two toughest batters I have faced in my career are Todd Helton of the Colorado Rockies and Ray Durham of the San Francisco Giants.

kelog62: Have you ever played any other position or have you always been a pitcher, even as a kid?

Webb: In Little League I use to play third base, shortstop and pitcher. I moved to first base in high school and I pitched as well. From college on, I just stuck to the mound.

andygreenfan: What's your favorite ballpark?

Webb: Other than Chase Field, I like playing at Wrigley Field because of all the history.

Lilia_Huesmann: Who do you like to pitch to the most -- lefties or righties?

Webb: If I had my choice I would choose to pitch against right-handers because with the sinker that I throw it is easier to pitch inside and produce more ground balls.

rereit: What's it like to still be playing with your college teammate, Andy Green?

Webb: It's nice having a friend up here that you've grown up with through baseball.

55atom55: Did you always want to be a Major League Baseball player?

Webb: From the time I was in Little League I always wanted to be a Major League Baseball player. And while I progressed as a player, through high school, college and the Minor Leagues, I felt I was getting close to my dream.

rereit: How do you prepare for a game?

Webb: I like to wake up early and grab breakfast, keep busy around the house. I get to the clubhouse mid-afternoon and try to relax, play the guitar, and play video games until it's time to hit and stretch.

manteifan: What are your goals in baseball today?

Webb: The No. 1 goal for myself and my teammates is to win a World Series championship. Individual goals would be to win 20 games or maybe a Cy Young.

Webb: It's time for me to get ready for tonight's game. Thanks for joining me this afternoon. I enjoyed answering some of your questions. I hope to see you at the ballpark.

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