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05/05/06 6:32 PM ET

Rizzo says future of farm system bright

Vice president of scouting chats online with fans

Vice president of scouting operations Mike Rizzo fielded fans' questions during a live web chat Friday. Rizzo, in his seventh season with Arizona, talked about the Diamondbacks farm system, his scouting philosophy and draft strategy for the June draft.

Mike Rizzo: Good afternoon everyone. I look forward to answering your questions today.

redsndbackphan19: How do you feel about the future of the Diamondbacks?

Rizzo: We feel our future is very bright. We have a positive outlook on the future. With so many young players up and coming, we feel good about it.

Base_Ball: What do you think of the Delmon Young incident? How do you feel it should be handled?

Rizzo: I think it is a very unfortunate incident, not only for the organization, but for the player. It is strictly an organizational problem and should be handled how the organization sees fit.

dbacksfan: What are the qualities that make a great scout?

Rizzo: What we look for in our scouts, first of all, is love for the game. Second is a disciplined work ethic. Third is pride as an individual and as a team. We are all working towards the same goal, so a team player is key.

krodversion2: When scouting, do you look at college-level players only, or do you search in any independent league?

Rizzo: We look at all levels of players. In respect to the June draft, we look at the high school and college-level players. Independent leagues are actually considered professional players, so for the draft, we don't look at them.

gonzoforgonzo: What is your philosophy on high school vs. college pitchers? Have you had more success with one over the other?

Rizzo: My philosophy is that college pitchers are professionally more ready because they are physically more mature. When it comes to levels of success, there are failures and success at both levels. Pitching is such an unnatural act that the injury factor is necessary to look at.

purplecraze: Can you give us an update on how Justin Upton is doing?

Rizzo: He is adjusting well to professional baseball and he is also adjusting well to a new position in center field. He is performing well at an accelerated level for his age group.

krodversion2: Other than skill, are there any other features you look for in a potential prospect?

Rizzo: Yes, there are a lot of ingredients that go into scouting potential players in the Major Leagues. Beyond skills there are tools such as makeup, attitude, aptitude and work ethic.

rereit: Is scouting a year-round activity, or is it mostly finished by the time the June draft rolls around?

Rizzo: It is definitely a year-round, world-wide activity. Beyond the First-Year Player Draft, there is winter baseball and international free agency, where we draft in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Japan, to name a few.

rereit: Besides pitchers, is there any position you look for more than another?

Rizzo: In the June draft we do not focus on just one position more than another. We try to draft the best that is available, no matter what position they play. This helps create depth throughout the organization at many different positions.

Rizzo: Thank you so much for joining us today and thank you for supporting the Diamondbacks. We hope to see you at the ballpark very soon.

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