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The Minnesota Twins are committed to fielding a competitive team both on and off the field, one that exemplifies a strong work ethic, respect for the game, and loyalty to our fans.

This Fan Guide will be updated with information about 2015 Spring Training in late 2014.

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    Hammond Stadium:
    Minnesota Twins
    14100 Six Mile Cypress Parkway
    Fort Myers, FL 33912

    Minor Leagues
    CenturyLink Sports Complex
    14110 Six Mile Cypress Parkway
    Fort Myers, FL 33912

    Aisle Policy

    As a courtesy to others, and for the safety of all fans, we request that guests refrain from walking in aisles while players are at bat. The Minnesota Twins also ask that guests do not sit on the stairs.

    Alcohol Policy

    Laws prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors (under 21), intoxicated persons and those without proper identification. For the safety of our fans, alcohol sales conclude at the end of the 7th inning. The Minnesota Twins ask that you drink responsibly and respect the rights of others.  


    Animals are not allowed in Hammond Stadium with the exception of certified guide animals for the disabled.


    There are three (3) ATM's inside Hammond Stadium. Locations are as follows: In front of the Grand Slam Gift Shop, by the new Right Field Boardwalk Bar and Merchandise Shop and by the new Left Field Bullpen Bar and Merchandise station.


    Autographs will be allowed prior to and after every game when time and Major League rules permit. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that autograph opportunities will be available. For best results, be polite and have a pen or marker ready.

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    Baby Changing Stations

    Baby changing tables are available in all restrooms.


    Soft-sided containers and bags 16" by 16" by 8" or smaller are permitted in Hammond Stadium. Bags and containers are subject to inspection by gate security prior to entering the ballpark. For more detailed information on what can be brought into Hammond Stadium, please see Entry Guidelines below.

    Banners and Signs

    The Minnesota Twins welcome the support of our guests as demonstrated by homemade signs and banners. To ensure that these articles do not distract others, we ask guests to adhere to the following guidelines: banners and signs may not contain advertising or carry disparaging or obscene messages; they may not cover any scoreboards, railings, existing advertising or LED boards; banners and signs may not be placed in the direct sightline of the batter and/or infringe on the sightlines of other guests during play. The Minnesota Twins request that all banners and signs pertain to the Twins or baseball, and reserve the right to permit or remove any sign or banner from Hammond Stadium at any time.

    Batting Practice

    The Minnesota Twins typically start batting practice 2 ½ hours prior to game time, with the opposing team taking batting practice beginning 1½ hours prior to game time. Batting practice always occurs at the Manager's discretion.


    Cans, bottles, beverages, food and coolers are prohibited from being brought into Hammond Stadium, unless medically necessary.

    Bicycle Parking

    The Minnesota Twins encourage guests to ride their bicycle to Hammond Stadium. Bicycle racks are available near the fountain.


    Television Broadcasts: For the first time ever, Fox Sports North will telecast all home games at Hammond Stadium using a simulcast of the radio call by the Treasure Island Baseball Network. For more information on TV broadcasts please visit

    Radio Broadcasts: The home for Twins Baseball in 2014 is 96.3 K-TWIN. All Spring Training games are broadcast on 96.3 in the Twin Cities, and throughout the Upper Midwest on the Minnesota Twins Treasure Island Baseball Network.   Visit for a complete schedule of game broadcasts.

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    Guests are welcome to bring still cameras into Hammond Stadium. Guests are asked to avoid obstructing the views of others by not standing in the aisles when using camera equipment. Tripods and monopods are not permitted into Hammond Stadium. Photography of Hammond Stadium or Twins players cannot be used commercially without written permission from the Minnesota Twins.


    The capacity of Hammond Stadium is 9,300.

    Children's Admission/Tickets

    The Minnesota Twins offer complimentary admission (no ticket required) for children less than 30" in height for Spring Training games, provided they are accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. These children must sit on the lap of the accompanying adult and not occupy an additional seat. 


    Coolers and bags of any size with hard sides are not allowed in the ballpark. Soft-sided containers and bags 16" by 16" by 8" or smaller are permitted into Hammond Stadium. The Minnesota Twins reserve the right to inspect and remove any package or container or its contents. 


    A Full menu of ballpark favorites including specialty hot dogs, bratwursts, hamburgers, turkey legs, pretzels, nachos, grilled chicken sandwiches, bar-b-que pulled pork sandwiches and pizza. The wide variety of items to tempt your palate can be found at our four convenient concession stands on the main stadium concourse. The new Hammond Stadium Boardwalk will feature ballpark favorites and specialty items like Philly cheesesteaks, specialty nachos and specialty hot dogs. Two brand new bar locations located on the new Right Field Boardwalk and on the Third Base Deck will provide a variety of draft beer options, bottled domestics, craft brews and your choice of cocktails. Interested in a sweet alcoholic treat? Be sure to try a Guinness Caramel or Double Chocolate Stout Beer Shake on the Right Field Party Deck.   Yes, you read that right, a Beer Milkshake!


    Patrons using foul or abusive language or appearing intoxicated will be ejected from the ballpark. Fans who enter the playing field or interfere with the playing of the game will be escorted from the ballpark and are subject to arrest.

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    For detailed information about getting to Hammond Stadium, visit us online at


    The Minnesota Twins dugout is located on the third base side of the field. The visitor's dugout is along the first base side.

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    There is an elevator located in the tower adjacent to the box office. The elevator has access to the seating bowl, the accessible seating row of section 212 and the party suites and press box on the 4th floor.


    Security officers are present before, during and after all games throughout the stadium. If a security officer is needed at any time, please notify a staff member or usher, or go to the Four Points by Sheraton Guest Services Booth. 

    Emergency Evacuation

    In case of emergency, you will be directed as to how to orderly evacuate Hammond Stadium by Twins Event Staff, PA announcements, and Scoreboard instructions.   

    Entry Guidelines

    Only those guests with valid tickets or credentials are permitted into Hammond Stadium. The main gates to Hammond Stadium open three hours prior to the first pitch.  

    • Bags/Backpacks/Coolers - Soft-sided containers and bags 16" by 16" by 8" or smaller are permitted into Hammond Stadium. The Minnesota Twins reserve the right to inspect and remove any package or container or its contents. Coolers and bags of any size with hard sides are not allowed in the ballpark.
    • Food/Beverages - Cans, bottles, beverages, food and coolers are prohibited from being brought into Hammond Stadium, unless medically necessary.
    • Prohibited Items - For the general safety of all guests the following items are not allowed into Hammond Stadium: ball retrievers, balloons, bats, beach balls, boom boxes, brooms, fireworks, fish nets, flasks, Frisbees, hard sided coolers, laser pointers, lawn chairs, noise-making devices, weapons, wooden sticks, or rods. Small whiskbrooms and small souvenir bats are permitted. 


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    First Aid

    Fans in need of medical attention should inform a security officer, concession worker, usher, or staff member immediately. The First Aid room is located on the 3rd base side of the concourse across from the elevator and Grill near section 110.  

    Foul Balls

    Fans are entitled to keep any baseball landing in the seats. Batted balls and bats sailing into the stand can be VERY dangerous and as a ticket holder you do assume that risk. The Fort Myers Miracle, Minnesota Twins or Lee County are not liable for any guest injured by a thrown or batted ball or bat that enters the seating area. Please do not reach over the wall onto the playing surface to retrieve foul balls, and also please do not push/shove patrons in order to track down a foul ball. Please pay attention to the activities on the field at all times.

    Fort Myers Miracle

    The Fort Myers Miracle is the High Class-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins and a member of the 12-team Florida State League. The Miracle play 70 home games at Hammond Stadium, starting the first week in April and ending the first week of September. For more information, log onto or call (239) 768-4210. The mailing address for the Miracle is: 14400 Six Mile Cypress Parkway, Fort Myers, FL 33912.

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    Guest Code of Conduct

     All guests attending Twins events are expected to comply with the following Minnesota Twins Guest Code of Conduct. The Minnesota Twins are committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable Hammond Stadium experience. Our Event Staff will proactively intervene to support an environment where: obscene or indecent clothing will not detract from the guest experience; guests will enjoy the baseball experience free from foul/abusive language or obscene gestures; guests will respect the safety of other guests and field participants; the throwing of any object is strictly prohibited; guests will refrain from displays of affection not appropriate in a public, family setting; intervention with an impaired or intoxicated guest is handled in a prompt and safe manner; guests will show their ticket when requested and sit only in their ticketed seat; the progress of the game will not be disrupted by guests' actions or unauthorized persons on the playing field. The Minnesota Twins reserve the right to deny or immediately revoke admission to any guest that does not comply with these guidelines, or otherwise detracts from other guests' enjoyment of the game. Guests are encouraged to report any disruptive behavior to the nearest member of the Guest Service or Twins Security Staff. 

    Guest Feedback

    Throughout Spring Training, guests are encouraged to express their thoughts about their guest experience at Hammond Stadium by visiting our LaQuinta Inn and Suites Guest Services booth or sending an email to

    Guest Interference

    In the interest of player and guest safety, the Minnesota Twins maintain a zero tolerance policy regarding guest interference with a ball in play, disruption of an event at Hammond Stadium, or interference with a VIP. Failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate removal from Hammond Stadium, and the CenturyLink Sports Complex grounds.

    Guest Service Centers

    The Four Points by Sheraton Guest Services is located on the main concourse adjacent to the Grand Slam Gift Shop atop the stadium stairs. Here you will find answers to all your questions and have the opportunity to provide feedback. Programs and pocket schedules can also be found here.

    Guests with Disabilities

    Accessible seating is available in designated sections throughout the stadium. All restroom facilities offer wheelchair access. Elevator and ramp access make travel efficient for all guests.

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    Handicapped Parking

    Handicapped parking is available in the CenturyLink Sports Complex adjacent to Hammond Stadium. Spots are limited and cannot be reserved in advance.  

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    I.D. Policy

    The following are accepted forms of I.D. for purposes of purchasing alcohol at Hammond Stadium: valid state-issued Driver's License or I.D. card, valid Canadian Driver's License, valid Military I.D. card, and valid passport. Unfortunately we are not able to accept clipped I.D. cards as age-verification for alcohol purchases, even with the accompanying paperwork. Guests that appear to be younger than 30 years old will be required to show identification in order to purchase alcohol.

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    Lawn Seating

    Located down the right field line and beyond the left field fence, these grassy hills are a perfect spot to watch the game. Fans are welcomed to bring towels or small blankets, but chairs are not allowed. You must have a specific Lawn ticket to sit in this area.


    In the interest of your safety, the Minnesota Twins ask for your attention to the following: Baseball is an inherently dangerous game and spectators should, for their safety, pay close attention to the game and keep their eyes on the playing field at all times. Spectators at Hammond Stadium assume all risks and danger of, and release of the management, Hammond Stadium, the Minnesota Twins, the participating clubs, and their respective agents or employees from any liability for personal injury and property loss, whether occurring prior to, during or after the actual playing of the game and whether caused by a person's negligence or other-wise, including without limitation injury, loss or damage caused by baseballs or baseball bats thrown or hit into the seating area.

    Lost and Found

    Before, during or immediately following the game, fans who have lost or found an item should report it to the LaQuinta Inn and Suites Guest Services Booth. To locate lost items on non-game days call the Hammond Stadium offices at (239) 768-4210.

    Lost Guests

    Children and adults separated from their party will be escorted to the La Quinta Inn and Suites Guest Service Booth. For assistance in locating a lost guest, contact the nearest Usher, Guest Service Representative or Security Officer. A guest who has become separated from his or her party should proceed to the La Quinta Inn and Suites Guest Service Booth.

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    The Grand Slam Gift Shop is located on the main concourse to the right of the Four Points by Sheraton Guest Services Booth. It features a complete line of Spring Training merchandise and novelties to make your trip to Spring Training a memorable one.

    Minnesota Day

    Enjoy a pre-game tailgate party with fellow Minnesotans prior to the game on Sunday March 16th versus the Miami Marlins. 

    Motorcycle Parking

    Same as cars, please refer to the Parking section of this guide.

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    Owner's Suite

    Parties of up to 12 can enjoy the game from the privacy of a climate-controlled suite. Advance reservations are required. Please call 1-800-33-TWINS to inquire about the availability of the Owner's Suite. Please call the Fort Myers Miracle at 239-768-4210 to check about other suite availability at Hammond Stadium.

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    Paging a guest at Hammond Stadium is only done in the case of emergencies. If a guest receives a page, they should report to the nearest LaQuinta Inn and Suites Guest Service Center.


    Plenty of parking is available in the surrounding Hammond Stadium lots. 

    Post-Game Fireworks

    Watch the skies above Hammond Stadium explode to the delight of many with a post-game spectacular following the Twins vs. Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday March 5th, weather permitting.

    Postponed/Canceled Games

    The right to delay the start of a game rests with the home club. Once both team managers meet with the home plate umpire and exchange lineup cards, the right to determine whether the game will be interrupted or terminated is at the discretion of the Umpire-in-Chief. Under the provisions of the Official Playing Rules, the Umpire-in-Chief has sole and unquestioned authority to determine whether and when play is halted, when play will be resumed, and whether and when a game will be terminated due to bad weather or unsafe playing conditions. In the event of a postponed or cancelled event, guests are advised to check, the local newspaper, media affiliates, or call us at 1-800-33-TWINS for further information.


    The official Spring Training publication of the Minnesota Twins is available for $5 at the LaQuinta Inn and Suites Guest Services Booth or, at tables on the veranda as you take the stairs into the ballpark.

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    Comments, suggestions and questions are welcome at the LaQuinta Inn and Suites Guest Services Booth, or by email at

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    Rain Delay

    Even during inclement weather, the Minnesota Twins will make every effort to play scheduled games. Please refer to the Postponed Games section for more information.

    Rainout/Reschedule Policy

    In the event of a postponed or cancelled event, guests are advised to check, the local newspaper, media affiliates, or call us at 1-800-33-TWINS for further information.


    The Minnesota Twins are committed to operating Hammond Stadium in a sustainable manner. There are many recycling receptacles located around the ballpark. In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, we urge all fans to recycle when applicable. 


    Anyone leaving Hammond Stadium and wanting to re-enter must use the gate behind the ticket office next to the elevator. Fans must check in with the re-entry/pass gate attendant to get their ticket authenticated.


    Men's and Ladies restrooms are located on the first and third base sides of the main concourse.

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    Pocket schedules for the Twins 2014 Spring Training and Regular season are available at the Hammond Stadium Ticket Office or by calling 1-800-33-TWINS.

    Scoreboard Messages

    Have your personalized message displayed during the middle of the 5th inning of a Minnesota Twins Spring Training game for only $25. Please contact the Minnesota Twins, 14100 Six Mile Cypress Parkway, Fort Myers, FL 33912 or by phone (239) 533-7600. Orders must be received by noon of the day prior to the chosen game; all proceeds benefit the Minnesota Twins Community Fund.


    The screen behind home plate starts at sections 104 and 204 on the 1st base side, and proceeds behind home plate through sections 112 and 214 on the 3rd base side.

    Section and Seat Numbering

    Seating sections begin with 101 in the Box level and 201 in the View level, starting from just beyond the infield on the 1st base side and proceeding clockwise around Hammond Stadium. Seats at Hammond Stadium are numbered so that lower numbers are on the right-hand side of the row and higher numbers are on the left-hand side of the row (as you look towards the field). All Box seats are actual stadium seats, and the View Level seats are bleachers with backs.

    Senior Days

    On select games, fans 55 and older can purchase the Senior Special, which includes a Home Plate View seat, soft drink and hot dog for just $26. Available on March 3rd, 14th, 16th, 21st and 24th. To order the Senior Day special please visit, or call 1-800-33-TWINS.

    Shade Seating

    Hammond Stadium offers shade seating for our guests, and is available on the 1st base side sections 201-206, rows 12-16 and on the 3rd base side sections 207-217, rows 10-16. If you need shade seating please request it when ordering tickets in person or over the phone.

    Smoking/Tobacco Policy

    In consideration of the health and comfort of others, smokingis prohibited in the seating area, restrooms and elevators at Hammond Stadium. Smoking is allowed only in the designated areas inside each gate.

    Stadium Dimensions

    Left Field - 330 Feet, Center Field - 405 Feet, Right Field - 330 Feet.


    Hammond Stadium welcomes guests who utilize their own strollers. However, the use of strollers should not in any way inhibit general guest movement or block any aisle ways. Strollers must be able to fold, and you will be asked to leave your stroller at the base of the 200 seating section nearest to your seat. Strollers are not available to rent.

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    T.C. is the official mascot of the Minnesota Twins. In his spare time T.C. likes to make appearances at Twins Youth Clinics, schools, hospitals, and parades throughout the year. T.C. is available for private events and birthday parties in the upper Midwest by contacting the Public Relations Department at 612-659-3505.


    Tailgating is not allowed at the CenturyLink Sports Complex; with the exception of Minnesota Day.


    The Hammond Stadium Box Office is located to the left of the main gate. During Spring Training, its hours are Monday-Friday 9:00am EST - 4:00pm EST, and Saturday/Sunday from 9:00am EST - 2:00pm EST. Tickets may also be purchased online at, by phone at 1-800-33-TWINS or 612-33-TWINS or at the three Pro Shops located in Minnesota: Roseville, Minnetonka, and Apple Valley.

    • Advance tickets - Guests are encouraged to purchase tickets well in advance of game-day, at the Hammond Stadium Box Office, by phone, online, or at the Minnesota Twins pro-shops. Single game tickets for 2014 Spring Training went on-sale on Saturday January 11th, 2014.
    • Season Tickets - Season ticket holders receive discounts of up to 25% off the single game ticket price and also have the same great seat for every game. Season ticket holders also have the opportunity to purchase a discounted season ticket parking package. For more information on 2014 Spring Training Season Tickets, please call 1-800-33-TWINS.
    • Group tickets - Groups of 20 or more receive $1-$3 off on select seating areas for select games. Excludes games on March 5th, 6th, 9th, 13th, 22nd, and 28th. For more information please call 1-800-33-TWINS.
    • Ticket Resale - To avoid problems with counterfeit, stolen, or void tickets, purchase tickets only at the Hammond Stadium Box Office. The official secondary-market ticket partner of MLB is StubHub. StubHub is the only authorized secondary-market provider for all MLB teams, and may be reached online at The resale of Minnesota Twins tickets is strictly prohibited on the CenturyLink Sports Complex property. Anyone doing so will be immediately removed from Hammond Stadium and the CenturyLink Sports Complex property. 

    Twins Community Fund

    As the charitable arm of the Minnesota Twins, the Twins Community Fund benefits many SW Florida and Upper Midwest charities, focusing on families and children. For more information on the Community Fund please call the Public Relations Department at (612) 659-3505 or visit

    Twins Credit Card

    The Minnesota Twins, in conjunction with U.S. Bank, are once again offering the Twins MasterCard. For information or to apply for a Twins MasterCard, please call 1-800-33-TWINS.

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    Umbrellas are permitted inside Hammond Stadium, but may not be used in the seating areas of the facility due to safety concerns, and the obstructions they cause for other guests.

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    Video Cameras

    Guests are welcome to bring still cameras and video cameras into Hammond Stadium. The use of video cameras is permitted before the game, however, Major League Baseball regulations prohibit the use of video cameras once the game begins. Guests are asked to avoid obstructing the views of others by standing in aisles when using video equipment. Tripods and monopods are not permitted into Hammond Stadium. Video of Hammond Stadium or Twins players cannot be used commercially without written permission from the Minnesota Twins.

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    the Official Minnesota Twins website provides the latest Twins and player information and can be found at The Minnesota Twins are also on Facebook at Follow the Twins on Twitter at, the official Twitter of the Minnesota Twins.

    Will Call

    The Will Call window at Hammond Stadium is located at the Box Office, near the ballpark's main entrance. Photo identification is required to pick up tickets at any sales window. Windows 7 and 8 located at the main box office will be utilized for all complimentary tickets pick-up including Press and Player pick-up.

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