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Greater Kansas City Day

On Friday, April 1, prior to Royals Opening Day, more than 1,200 volunteers and Royals Charities teamed up to help kids! Fans who donated received special editions of The Kansas City Star or commemorative World Series flags to help send kids to Rotary Youth Camp. Because of fan support, Greater Kansas City Day raised more than $325,000 for disadvantaged youth and children with disabilities to attend Rotary Youth Camp!

Rotary Youth Camp:

Since 1924, more than 400,000 children with disabilities and disadvantaged youth have enjoyed a unique camping experience, free of charge, at the Rotary Youth Camp. Located at Lake Jacomo, the Rotary Youth Camp features cabins, tent camping, a mess hall, a nature trail and a wheelchair-accessible swimming pool that allows boys and girls with special needs to take part in outdoor activities. All services are available free of charge to campers and their sponsoring organizations.

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