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Rockies Rookies Kids Fan Club

Thank you for your interest in the Rockies Rookies Kids Fan Club. We are currently sold out for the 2015 season, but please check back in February of 2016 to secure an early membership so you can take advantage of all the wonderful events and incentives the Club has to offer. Thank you for your continued support and GO ROCKIES!

Members Only Events:

Upcoming Events:

  • Saturday, July 25 is the annual Rockies Rookies Pregame Parade
  • Sunday, September 6 is an All Kids Run the Bases day at the park and Rockies Rookies are guaranteed line priority!

Pregame Parade Information - Saturday, July 25

  • Upon arrival at Coors Field, all Rockies Rookies members must enter a ballpark gate. Gates A and E open at 4:00 pm and Gates B, C & D open at 4:30 pm. We recommend that you enter either Gate A or Gate B.
  • All guests must pass through the metal detectors, so PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY.
  • Each parade participant must have a game ticket in-hand to enter the ballpark.
  • Once in the ballpark, follow the “Pre-Game Parade” signs to the NEW parade meeting location on the right field ramps located near Gate B, Section 110 and the Sandlot Brewery.
  • One parent will be able to accompany their child onto the field.
  • Following the parade, participants will be escorted up the left field ramps to the main concourse (behind section 143).
  • Please wear your Rockies Rookies jersey and hat to this event.
  • The parade will begin approximately at 5:15 pm.

All Kids Run the Bases - Sunday, September 6

  • Where: Please meet at the Platte River Rendezvous at the top of the 8th Inning (must have a game ticket to get into the ballpark.) Please remember to wear your Rockies Rookies items to the ballpark
  • Description: Get the chance to run around the bases just like your favorite Rockies player! All kids in attendance are welcome to run the bases after the game, however Rockies Rookies members have priority in line. This is a kids only event. Parents can escort children on and off the field, but will not be allowed on the base path.

Event dates are tentative and subject to change; get updates and event information on the Rockies Rookies Hotline: (303) 312-2BAT or email