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Cubs on Opening Night at Wrigley Field Cubs on Opening Night at Wrigley Field
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  • Hot Off the Presses: October Vine Line featuring manager Joe Maddon

    Some teams just have a certain magic. It usually manifests in walk-off wins, unlikely heroes and other assorted frozen moments. Think the 2014 Royals or the 2008 Rays. But not every good team has this ineffable spark. Some just plod along, winning more than they lose, and the only excitement they really produce is a […]

  • Cubs Lineup: 10/2/15

    Cubs vs. Brewers — Miller Park First Pitch: 7:10 CST Cubs Starter: Jake Arrieta, RHP (21-6, 1.82) Brewers Starter: Ariel Pena, RHP (2-0, 3.91) TV: CSN Chicago; Radio: WBBM 780 AM 1. Dexter Fowler, CF 2. Kyle Schwarber, RF 3. Kris Bryant, LF 4. Anthony Rizzo, 1B 5. Starlin Castro, 2B 6. Miguel Montero, C […]

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