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Previous Destinations

  1. Boston, MA
  3. Arlington, TX
  4. Atlanta, GA
  5. Baltimore, MD
  6. Cincinnati, OH
  7. Chicago, IL (CHC)
  8. Chicago, IL (CWS)
  9. Denver, CO
  10. Houston, TX
  11. Los Angeles, CA
  12. Minneapolis, MN
  13. New York, NY
  14. Philadelphia, PA
  15. Phoenix, AZ
  16. Pittsburgh, PA
  17. San Diego, CA
  18. San Francisco, CA
  19. St. Petersburg, FL
  20. Seattle, WA
  21. Toronto, ON
  22. Washington, DC
  1. Fenway Park

    "My husband is a lifelong Red Sox fan and I booked our Red Sox DestiNations as a gift for his 40th birthday. He thanked me all weekend long! We were both impressed with how well everything was run, from the booking process to the actual weekend. No stone was left unturned! Our entire family went and it was so exciting to walk on the field and to go inside the Green Monster. We loved meeting Jarrod Saltalamacchia and the autograph/pictures/Q&A was run so efficiently but without us feeling rushed at all. I love that you take pictures of the group throughout the tour and reception, too, and we can't wait to see them. The whole trip was such a great experience and one that we will all remember forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

    - Cyndi Beal

    Red Sox fans at Fenway Park
     Three siblings poke their heads out of the legendary Green Monster.
  2. Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

    "We cannot say enough good things about the wonderful trip to Arlington for Opening Day! This terrific package was put together and superbly executed by the RED SOX DestiNATIONs staff. As die-hard Red Sox fans whose mantra was 'We Believe' through the final four games of the 2004 ALCS, we couldn't have imagined such an intimate Red Sox experience, complete with having our photo taken with a Red Sox player. It was our 1st Opening Day ever and surpassed any expectations we might have held. Even though words cannot express our delight and satisfaction, I will throw out a few as examples: Wonderful! Unique! Terrific! Superb! Intimate! Fun! Complete! Professional! Perfect! Excellent! Delightful! However, instead of trying to include the entire Thesaurus for all things too good to be true, we will just say 'Thank You from the bottom of our true-blue Red Sox hearts.' We hope to travel with RED SOX DestiNATIONs again really soon."

    - Lew & Eleanor Miller

    BOS @ TEX
    Red Sox fans at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington
     A couple enjoys the Texas sunshine on the field.
    Red Sox fans at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington
     A fan poses with the 2004 & 2007 World Series rings.
  3. Turner Field

    "I went on the Atlanta trip. And I must say I can't believe that one of my best Red Sox experiences didn't happen at Fenway. The hotel was great, the VIP tour of Turner Field was very cool, the reception, and the food at the reception was delicious. The fireworks Friday night after the game were awesome. My seats were great, and the Red Sox Destinations staff is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure your fun is maximized."

    - Rick Howland

    BOS @ ATL
    Red Sox fans at Turner Field
     A couple checks out the field at Turner Field in Atlanta.
    Red Sox fans at Turner Field
     Two fans try on the 2004 & 2007 World Series rings.
  4. Camden Yards

    "We went on our first Red Sox Destinations trip to Baltimore. It was awesome! Everything was just as advertised and we really appreciated all the extra work that the staff did to secure us the accessible seating for the games and the room at the hotel. The tour of Oriole Park at Camden Yards was very informative and the pregame reception was great. Getting a chance to meet Dustin Pedroia was really an honor - he was so funny! The Red Sox should be very proud to have him as a member of their organization. Thank you again for putting together such a wonderful weekend of pure baseball joy and we are looking forward to seeing next year's schedule of trips."

    - Sharon Hoffman and David Montmeny

    BOS @ SF
    Red Sox fans at AT&T Park
     A young couple poses for a photo on the field at Camden Yards.
    Red Sox fans at AT&T Park
     Dustin Pedroia snaps a photo with two fans in The Warehouse at Camden Yards.
  5. Great American Ballpark

    "I signed up for a Red Sox Destinations package in order to be able to obtain tickets for an entire series between the Red Sox and the Cincinnati Reds. I would have been happy with just that much, but this package gave me far more than I ever imagined it would. I was able to spend 3 days rooting for my favorite team with other Red Sox fans, I was able to wear the colors thanks to the wonderful jersey that is part of the package and I was able to meet JD Drew, our featured player for the Cincinnati package. The hard working team who puts these packages together begins with over delivering and improves from there!"

    - Susan Sawyer

    BOS @ CIN
    Red Sox fans at Great American Ballpark
     A couple enjoys a private viewing of the Red Sox batting practice.
    Red Sox fans at Great American Ballpark
     Red Sox fans touring Great American Ballpark.
  6. Wrigley Field

    "This was our first Red Sox Destinations trip and it definitely will not be our last. The Rooftop seats were among the best. The tour of Wrigley Park, touching the famed IVY, sitting in the dugout, what more could a Red Sox fan want. Hotel was first class and Chicago is a first rate city. Lunch with "Salty", autographs and photos. WOW! this trip exceeded all our expectations. I booked this trip for our 34th anniversary and my husband gets to check "touching the Ivy at Wrigley" off his bucket list. Kudos to all the staff. Can't wait till next year to see where we want to go! THANK YOU!"

    - Doreen and Greg

    BOS @ CHC
    Red Sox fans at Wrigley Field
     A family poses in front of Wigley's inconic Ivy covered outfield wall.
    Red Sox fans at Wrigley Field
     Red Sox fans take in a game atop one of the Wrigley Field rooftops.
  7. U.S. Cellular Field

    "My Red Sox Destinations trip to Chicago was excellent. To me, the key to the trip's excellence was due to the very courteous personalities of the Staff. The great relationships that they had with the Chicago White Sox staff led to excellent seats for the games (grandstand seats near behind the plate for visiting fans -- unbelievable!), a well organized reception and tour, and access to batting practice from the field level seats before the gate opening time. The Staff's friendliness was also quite evident in their sincerity and thoroughness in answering questions. Kudos also to Marco Scutaro for being an entertaining and very accommodating guest at the reception."

    - Steve Nishino

    BOS @ CWS
    Red Sox fans at U.S. Cellular Field
     Two friends enjoy a private opportunity to watch the Red Sox take batting practice.
    Mike Napoli poses with a family
     Mike Napoli poses with a family.
  8. Coors Field Denver

    "A trip of a life time for my 10 year old son (and husband)! Meeting Terry Francona was a dream for my son. The question and answer part was fantastic as Mr. Francona gave the best answer to my son's question, "How to be a great ball player?" Francona said, "Get a good education!" The Rockies ball park was breath taking, seats were fantastic! We loved every part of Red Sox Destinations. Can't wait to book one for next year."

    - Jill Raithel

    BOS @ COL
    Red Sox fans at AT&T Park
     A young family enjoys field access at Coors Field.
    Red Sox fans at AT&T Park
     Terry Francona poses for photos with a group of Red Sox fans.
  9. Minute Maid Park

    "The Red Sox provided a trip that I was able to spend with just my father. It's been awhile since we got to hang out just the two of us. Going on this trip provided us with memories that we will never forgot. Thanks again Red Sox Destinations."

    - Richard McKinnon

    BOS @ HOU
    Red Sox fans at Minute Maid Park
     A young family takes in the view at Minute Maid Park in Houston.
    Red Sox fans at Minute Maid Park
     Retired Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell poses with three generations of fans.
  10. Dodgers Stadium

    "We looked forward to our third trip with Red Sox Destinations. They make it easy to plan and go on vacation with our favorite Baseball team, the Red Sox, anywhere in the country. The trip is all planned ahead of time all we need to do is arrive at our destination. It is so well organized, and the staff is always professional, friendly staff and welcoming to all."

    - Paul & Joy Curdo

    BOS @ LAD
    Red Sox fans at Dodgers Stadium
     A family enjoys field access at Dodgers Stadium.
  11. Target Field

    "Red Sox Destination is for the true Red Sox fan. As a family trip we registered to attend, we were simply blown away. The hotel, the BBQ, the Q & A, the tour and the games were exciting and built family memories for a lifetime. Our 14 & 18 year old had the time of their lives. We met other families and had a wonderful time. The Staff was very friendly and professional. We will make this a family ball park tradition. Loved every minute of it, thanks Red Sox Destinations!"

    - Rosemarie Dugi

    BOS @ MIN
    Red Sox fans at Target Field
     Dustin Pedroia cracks a joke during a Q&A.
    Red Sox fans at Target Field
     Mother and son check out the dugouts at the recently constructed Target Field.
  12. Yankee Stadium

    "As a Red Sox fan I never imagined looking forward to a trip to Yankee Stadium. Our participation in the Red Sox Destination did just that. I, along with my husband and two boys couldn't wait for our Red Sox Destination vacation. This is our second time booking the Red Sox Destination package and we're already planning on doing it again next year. This is a first class vacation from start to finish. This offer isn't something that every team offers and we couldn't be happier that the Red Sox provide this for their die-hard fans. Green Monster here we come!"

    - Meridith Haskins

    BOS @ NYY
    Red Sox fans at AT&T Park
     Daniel Nava poses for a photo with Red Sox fans in NY.
    Red Sox fans at AT&T Park
     A family of Red Sox fans check out the view from the Yankees dugout.
  13. Citizens Bank Park

    "I have gone on trips with tour groups to see Red Sox games, but Red Sox Destinations exceeded all of the other game' trips by far. The fact that we got to attend all three games instead of the usual one offered by other tour groups was the main reason we booked through Red Sox Destinations. We were also surprised by the little extras that were thrown in, like getting a chance to try on the World Series rings. Daniel Bard was both gracious and entertaining. The whole staff did a wonderful job. Can't wait to see which trips are planned for 2011."

    - Anonymous

    BOS @ PHI
    Red Sox fans at AT&T Park
     Dustin Pedroia poses with a Red Sox fan in Philadelphia.
    Red Sox fans at AT&T Park
     A fan "tips his cap" on the field at Citizens Bank Park.
  14. Chase Field

    "We attended our first Red Sox Destination trip and quite honestly debated as to whether the experience would be a value for the money. We both travel for work and are comfortable arranging travel and attend spring training and away games every year. Our expectations were not only far exceeded but we are already planning on making this an annual best friend's trip and are anxious for next year's schedule. We hope to attend both the spring training and a regular season destination. Thank you for making this an experience of a lifetime and far exceeded expectations for those that have very high ones!"

    - Janelle Fairbrother

    BOS @ ARI
    Red Sox fans at AT&T Park
     A father and son enjoy the game from the "Pool Suite" in center field at Chase Field.
    Red Sox fans at AT&T Park
     A father and son on the dirt at Chase Field.
  15. PNC Park

    "My wife and I have been to PNC Park in Pittsburgh several times but the way we experienced it with Red Sox Destinations just blew us away! The guys put together such a first class weekend from the great location of the tickets to the pregame luncheon with Clay Buchholz! We have already decided to do the spring training trip with DestiNations next year! Let's go SOX!!!!!!!"

    - Steve Hose

    BOS @ PIT
    Red Sox fans at PNC Park
     A group of fans on the warning track of beautiful PNC Park.
    Red Sox fans at PNC Park
     Clay Buchholz poses with a couple during the pregame reception.
  16. PETCO Park

    "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the Red Sox Destinations crew for a great time in San Diego. I took my 13 year old nephew with me and we both had a fantastic time. He was thrilled because he was able to see his favorite American League team and his favorite National League team play each other. In addition to seeing three Red Sox games, meeting Kevin Youkilis and touring PETCO Park were two very big highlights for both of us. We will definitely consider traveling again with Red Sox Destinations. The trip was everything it was advertised to be and more. Thanks again."

    - Jeanine Hickey

    BOS @ SD
    Red Sox fans at PETCO Park
     A couple on the field at exceptional PETCO Park.
    Red Sox fans at PETCO Park
     Ex- Red Sox player and 2007 World Series Champion Kevin Youkilis poses for a photo with a young fan.
  17. AT&T Park

    "Our Red Sox trip to San Francisco was amazing. Our hotel was wonderful; proximity to the park was great, as were our seats. What a great feeling to be part of Red Sox Nation in another city, not only at the ball park, but also as we toured the city. We shared and traded stories with fans from all over, who had travelled to San Francisco for one or more of the games. Red Sox fans are the best!!The hospitality we enjoyed at AT&T Park was second to none, both at the games and also on our tour of the facility. Giants' personnel were terrific - we enjoyed a very warm welcome. There were many hi-lights on our trip, but the tour, private lunch, meet and greet and the World Series rings, is one of our favorites! Thank you to the Red Sox Destinations staff! We look forward to another Red Sox destination in the future. Go Sox!"

    - Lee Reed

    BOS @ SF
    Red Sox fans at AT&T Park
     Two friends hang out in the Giants dugout.
  18. Tropicana Field

    "If you're looking for the BEST Red Sox experience possible, STOP! Your search is over! Absolutely everything, from your hotel to the meet-and-greet with an active player, are included in this package and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. We took this trip to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, our oldest daughter's 21st birthday and our youngest daughter's 18th birthday and the Red Sox crew took fantastic care to ensure this trip would be THE vacation to remember!"

    - Jim and Debbie Williams

    BOS @ TB
    Red Sox fans at Tropicana Field
     Two young fans play catch in the outfield during the VIP tour of Tropicana Field.
    Red Sox fans at Tropicana Field
     Fans explore the field during the tour of Tropicana Field.
  19. Safeco Field

    "My son and I had a blast on our trip to Seattle to see the Red Sox battle the Mariners. The trip was very well organized; we got a fabulous tour of Safeco field, (a terrific venue), we had great seats for the games and we got a chance to meet with Salty for autographs and a good Q&A and; one of the highlights was a chance to actually put the World Series rings on our fingers for some unparalleled photo opportunities. The events schedule and the games kept us on the go but we had a chance to so some sightseeing in Seattle. Overall a great trip and bonding experience doing the thing we like to do together: watching The Sox."

    - Jerry Wolosenko

    BOS @ SEA
    Red Sox fans at Safeco Field
     A family enjoys the beautiful Seattle weather while on the warning track at Safeco Field.
  20. Rogers Centre

    "My husband and I took this trip for our Honeymoon, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely!! The games were GREAT, and our seats were perfect!! The hotel was wonderful, and the other activities that Red Sox Destinations planned for us went beyond our expectations!! We had the time of our lives from the moment we arrived at the hotel, and until we had to enter the cab to drive back to the airport!"

    - Claire Wallace

    BOS @ TOR
    Red Sox fans at Rogers Centre
     A young couple enjoys a VIP tour of the Rogers Centre.
  21. Nationals Park

    "I have traveled to different baseball parks to see the Red Sox play with my son for the past eight years. This was the first time I let Red Sox Destinations plan my trip and I will definitely do it again. What a great trip and wonderful memories!"

    - Theresa Cleveland

    BOS @ WAS
    Red Sox fans at Nationals Park
     A family checks out the view from the field at Nationals Park.
    Red Sox fans at Nationals Park
     Father and son relax in the visitors' dugout.