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D-backs Water Safety

The Arizona Diamondbacks have partnered with 12 News and St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center to raise awareness about water safety this summer. Please use the water safety tips below courtesy of St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center to stay safe around water.

  1. NEVER LEAVE CHILDREN IN WATER UNSUPERVISED! Never! Not even for a second.
  2. Responsible supervision is a must! An adult or teenager should watch every child, every minute.
  3. Learn CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation). Every person should be CPR trained - parents, grandparents, sitters, older brothers and sisters. Everyone!
  4. Install a fence around the pool (not just around the yard). Use self-closing gates. Locks should be out of reach of small children. Spaces between barriers should be narrow enough to prevent a child or infant from squeezing through.
  5. Keep pool area clear of toys. Toys left in or around the pool may lure a child into the pool area.
  6. Keep the pool very full. A high water level makes it easier for a child to climb out of the pool or to reach a child in trouble.
  7. Keep the pool clean. Clear debris and algae that could obstruct your view into the water and interfere with rescue.
  8. Keep a cordless phone near the pool. Many drownings have occurred because someone left the pool area for a "minute" to answer the phone. Keep emergency phone numbers close, in emergencies they can be forgotten.
  9. Do not drain a pool. An empty pool is a hazard. Falling into an empty pool can cause serious injury.
  10. Close and lock any doors or windows giving access to the pool, including pet doors.
  11. Educate older children (and adults if necessary) about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Showing off and fooling around in or around the pool can cause drowning.