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D. Baxter the Bobcat

D. Baxter's Bio

BaxterD. Baxter the Bobcat was unveiled to the world on June 23, 2000, at Chase Field. The idea for the mascot came from Brantley Bell, son of former second baseman Jay Bell, who explained to his dad that the team should have a "BOB" cat as a mascot since the team played in the BOB (Bank One Ballpark). Bell informed management about his son's idea and Baxter was born.

Today, Baxter has won over D-backs Nation and baseball fans everywhere through his crazy antics, and being the most fan friendly mascot in sports. In addition to his numerous game day responsibilities, Baxter also serves as an ambassador for the D-backs organization, venturing off the field to visit hospitals, schools and other community events throughout the Valley and the state of Arizona. Over the course of the year you can find Baxter performing at over 400 appearances a year in addition to D-backs home games!

Be sure to catch Baxter at every D-backs home game at Chase Field this season where you can visit him each game during the 4th inning of at his Den, which is located in the Phoenix Children's Hospital Sandlot on the Upper Concourse at Chase Field. There, Baxter signs autographs and poses for pictures with all of his adoring fans. When you're finished, you can go play on the slides, practice your baseball skills on Futures Field, or take batting practice in the batting cages all located right outside of Baxter's Den.

D. Baxter's Stats
  • MLB Debut: June 23, 2000
  • Weight: Over 200 pounds
  • Hat size: 22 3/8 - Thank You New Era for the Official Caps
  • Resides: Baxter's Den at Chase Field
  • Community Appearances Per Year: More than 300
  • Hobbies: Working on my T-shirt toss, practicing my Cumbia & Salsa dancing, meeting D-backs fans in the community, and always working on my "Fur Ball"
  • Friends: D-backs Organist Bobby Freeman, Gorilla, Big Red, Beto el Coyote, Howler, Sparky, Wilbur, Stryker, Scorch, Louie the Lumber Jack
  • Foes: Lou Seal (Giants), The Swinging Friar (Padres), Dinger (Rockies), rival NL West fans everywhere
  • Favorite PetSmart Toy: Pivoting Sticker Brush (Gotta' keep the hair fresh)
  • Favorite Foods: Carne Asada, Fish Tacos, Pizza, Chips & Salsa and Apples with Peanut Butter on game days
  • Favorite Songs: D-backs Swing, Back in Black, La Vida es un Carnaval, Cat Scratch Fever
  • Favorite Books: The Cat in the Hat, "Hairy" Potter
  • Favorite TV Station: Animal Planet, Fox Sports AZ to watch the team when they are on the road, Telemundo, MLB Network, and Univision
  • Favorite Broadway Play: Cats