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Chase Field Ground Rules

  1. Ball striking wires supporting protective screen behind home plate - DEAD BALL.
  2. Ball on top step (lip) of dugout - IN PLAY.
  3. Ball in photographers pit - DEAD BALL.
  4. Ball hits fence of right field corner wall and goes out - HOME RUN.
  5. Ball hits pole (painted black) above fence in center field - HOME RUN.
  6. Ball hits right of yellow line in right centerfield or left of yellow line in left centerfield - HOME RUN.
  7. Ball hits centerfield wall, girders or face of overhang in center field, between yellow lines and bounces back to field - IN PLAY. Ball hits center field wall between yellow lines and caroms over shorter fence - HOME RUN.
  8. Ball hits above yellow line in batters eye and bounces back to field - HOME RUN. Ball hits yellow line and bounces back - IN PLAY.